Exciting EU beta invite schedule?

IainC had the following to say over at Warhammer Alliance yesterday:

We did a bunch of random invites from the subscriber pool this week, just before the guild beta invites went out. That one wasn’t announced but we do have a very exciting invite schedule coming up and we’ll be making sure you know about those waves when they happen.

I know one of my friends was one such random invite, which is pretty cool since he missed out on the CE pre-order, but colour me intrigued over the upcoming schedule!

I guess other than just random selection it could include long time forum users, those who’ve been signed up to the newsletter since it was launched, people will the funniest account names as judged by GOA.. or it could just mean a ton of people are going to be added on a fairly regular basis (which is kind of what I’m hoping for) and then when open beta comes, even more of us will pile in!

I’m hoping those of us with pre-order CEs get to enter our codes soon too, because there’s something very appealing about applying the relevant codes to your account. Also because I want to know well in advance if there’s any problems with my codes, and I have that natural sense of doom and gloom that if something will go wrong, it’ll go wrong for me.

US beta invites have also been going out, beyond just the guild beta people. And the BOOM! Comic people will be getting a special announcement soon. All this means is that beta is ramping up, and more and more people will be getting to test the game before it switches into open beta and the NDA gets lifted. Good times!


10 Responses

  1. With all these invites going out, I think they are very close to NDA drop and open beta. Let’s hope guild beta is smooth.

  2. *Waits silently, while checking his mailbox every 30 minutes*

  3. Seriously Guerth don’t do it!

    Have been there and it really isn’t healthy.

  4. He’s right, don’t do it. *checks email again*

  5. Darn, now you’ve got me doing that email thing!

  6. hasn’t been working for me 🙂

  7. Any invite schedule that doesn’t include me fails to be exciting, by definition 😛

  8. So so true, Spinks. I find myself totally unexcited today!

  9. *ahem* Now might be a good time to start getting excited 😉

  10. oooh interesting 🙂

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