So I was looking at the screenshots…

There are 11 new screenshots from E3, go take your time and look through them. And then tell me what’s missing?

Yeah, where are the female characters? I counted one Warrior Priest and that was all. (On closer inspection — which involved me and Arbitrary going through the pictures saying to each other ‘I can see boobs! Oh no, wait …’ — I think there may be a female zealot too. And not sure what the class is in picture 11 but that has boobs too!)

Admittedly you can’t always be sure with elves but if it wasn’t for previous screenies I’d be wondering if the female models were in the game at all. This isn’t a push for equal rights for virtual world toons, just seeing pictures of characters I might want to play helps me decide on classes and I doubt I’m the only one. It was the screenshot of the dwarf engineer girl with the spanner that really got me interested in the class.

Also, on another note, squigs look HUGE!


4 Responses

  1. I hope it’s not cos they’re uglier than expected 🙂 I have mostly played female toons and am lucky enough that I’ve seen quite a few female warrior priests. But not many of the others..

  2. I’ve been wondering that too… I really wish we’d get a straight answer as to how many races/classes will offer both male and female options.

  3. […] Book of Grudges asks Mythic: where’s the GIRLS? […]

  4. Dark Elfs all look like women to me, so do the High Elfs

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