What we learned from E3

We’ve been pretty quiet about E3, waiting for as much information as possible to trickle through and down to us.

WAR at E3!

If you’ve been following Keen and Graev’s Gaming blog (which you should!) You’ll know that they were at E3. Keen got to talk to MBJ, Paul, Josh, and Jeff and was mightily impressed by WAR. He’s promised more articles later, which we’re excited to read!

I’ll be writing up all those details in my article for the Vault but let me just say…. OMG the game is awesome guys. It’s come so far and words don’t describe the pure and simple joy I’m feeling that WAR is turning out to be everything I had ever hoped.

But, aside from waiting for those, what have we learned about WAR from E3? Let’s start with some of the more recent news, taken from IGN’s preview – IGN staff have been officially invited to join the beta, despite being press. The preview also includes some valuable information about White Lions, the Magus, and fortresses.

Warhammer Gamers link to an interview with Jeff and Paul at IGN Livewire. They took notes too, and sounds as though we’ll see more on open grouping very soon.

Massively reports that everything that is in game, is now in beta and up for polishing before release, and quotes Adam Gershowitz;

“Basically where we’re at right now is the guild Beta. We’re in high polish mode, which means that everything in the game is in at this point. Everything we’re going to ship with, for the most part, is in, is being played, everybody is taking a look at it, giving us feedback and now we’re doing the final polish.”

They also tease some new information about UI and character customisation, which we can expect to see soon.

Josh Drescher delivered his promised blog from E3 over at TenTonHammer. There’s a few posts there now, so try and check them all out.

He also narrates this clip from E3 which has some footage of Altdorf.

Bloghammer has posted ‘My Little Greenskin’ no. 2, all about E3!

Other things from E3

Could be they were all too busy partying with The Who but not many devs bothered to turn out to the E3 keynote given by the Governer of Texas. Gosh, we wonder why 😛

Not much mention of WAR at E3, Kotaku reckons that the best MMO at the show was Sony’s Free Realms. And that is free as in beer.

That could be because they didn’t pick up on the worst kept secret of E3, a Bioware KOTOR MMORPG.

We’ve got two of the most compelling MMOs in the industry in development,” said Riccitiello. The first title, based on the Warhammer property, will launch soon. “And the one that people are dying for us to talk to them about — in partnership with Lucas, coming out of BioWare, which is, I think, quite possibly the most anticipated game, full stop, for the industry at the point when we get closer to telling you about it.

And finally, nothing to do with WAR, but we had to include this article over at Joystiq about women gamers at E3. It’s worth reading the full article for the details.


2 Responses

  1. I spent a good 30 minutes checking out all your links in this post. Thanks this is awesome post. E3 was good PR for Mythic. Not great but good because they brought the bar down with last Friday and it seems like all the interviews just want to ask; how the cuts affected the game.

  2. yes, I think the timing worked quite well for them too, but was surprised how few general gaming sites even mentioned WAR’s presence at E3.

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