Keeping up with the beta

One of the things I look forwards to reading in the monthly newsletters is the beta update. It’s exciting to read about what functionality and classes they are currently testing in beta. If you go back through the newsletters you’ll see that they’re very forthcoming about exactly which classes, exactly which tiers, exactly which extra content has been tested.

Of course, with hindsight, it’s easy to look at which classes and cities weren’t mentioned and realise what that meant. I don’t think that had passed commentators or players by. People who had been following the game all knew that the cut content hadn’t been mentioned in awhile. But seeing how this played out gives me more confidence in the patch updates that we were given. (I just mean that it would be easy to say ‘blah blah blah was tested’ when what you actually mean is ‘one player saw a bit of it once and liked the colour’. )

I can’t think of a MMORPG where I have had so much confidence at the outset that much of the endgame is not only present but has been well tested. If you go back through the monthly newsletters, you’ll see details of scenarios, dungeons, zones, cities, and all mentioned as being tested that month. Note: this doesn’t mean that it was actually tested that month. It may give that impression but I’m assuming that it may not be current.

It is unusual for a company to release this much information about the test schedule publically. It is sometimes used as part of the pre-release PR but not usually in this much detail. I feel like I’ve been able to keep up with the beta and have a rough idea what the state of the game has been. I’m not going to whine again about wanting them to drop the NDA, it’ll happen soon enough. But when it does, I’m going to be curious to see how the testers feel about those beta updates.


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  1. Yeah, all the testing Mythic has done is definitely one of the most encouraging things about the game, pre-NDA lift.

    I also feel that even with the NDA we’d probably know if disgusted testers were constantly quitting. The fact that some people have already been playing for six months or more speaks highly of the game.

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