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The last few days at work have been a bit strange for me. Primarily because most of the normal team weren’t in and we had some other people in, some of whom I’ve only met once. Now, my normal team of people all know I’m a total weirdo who likes MMORPGs, tabletop RPGs, and cult TV. They’ve already lost hope in me ever reaching the heady heights of their normality and they despair that I revel in my lack of normality and refuse to talk soap operas with them.

And as the new people got introduced to the concept of Warhammer Online and blogs, I started thinking about the whole process of me randomly talking about the things that interest me at work. I’ve had varied reactions.

I’ve had total shutdown in conversation, where someone would actually say ‘we have nothing in common we can talk about’. I’ve had hushed admissions of previous dabblings in D&D, given up when ‘cool’ was more important. I’ve discovered quite a few people who played Warhammer as kids, even though they grew out of it. I also found out someone who was totally into Warhammer, and had been following the online incarnation before Mythic took over the project – that’s good, I’m expecting him to help me with lore stuff. A lot.

But, more than that, I’ve discovered many people who are happy to just take it as one of my little quirks. Something that can learn about as much as they’re comfortable with and ask me about without really understanding. So, from my regular co-workers I now get questions like ‘are you off killing a Balrog again tonight?’ (this after my many months of raiding in LotRO!), and ‘any interesting blog news?’ (though they never read it), and stuff like that.

I like it. I find my workmates have been pretty understanding, but I think some of that’s to do with my shameless lack of shame with regard to my private time and how I enjoy spending it. I think society would like us to be embarrassed by our pastimes, but hell, I’m sick of that. Maybe it’s down to my age, or my complete lack of care about how people think about me, but I’m done with apologising for having fun.


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  1. Great post. A while back, I decided that I wasn’t really interested in moving up into management (at least at my current company) so I started to dress-down at work. I traded in my “business casual” attire in favor of my sizable collection of gaming t-shirts. Nothing like going into work with a “Waaagh!” t-shirt to start some conversation. 😀

  2. I totally need a ‘Waaagh!’ t-shirt!

    Actually forgot to mention that last week a friend at work turned up with a Warhammer keyring her boyfriend gave her to give to me!

  3. My work is full if manly men that grunt at sports and drink beer till they yurk. You know “adults”. I go home and laugh, play with kids, and enjoy every momment. Playing MMO’s are a bonus to an already, great life. But no I am a closet MMO’er cuz I have nothing in common with the people at work.

  4. Bah, if that’s adulthood, I’m opting out 🙂

  5. Oooh I just came up with such a silly tagline after reading the comment from Scarybooster:
    “WAR – Enjoy every MMOment” 😛

  6. I get some strange looks every so often at work when my MMO calendar catches someone’s eye. July 08 happens to be Warhammer month with a zealot facing off against a witch hunter.

    Kind of disturbing, really…

  7. Excellent post.

    I think a core function of the net is to share the geekier sorts of hobby – not something to do at work. Your spouse and friends, who know you well, will understand and probably share your hobbies (well, your friends, anyway!), but most colleagues won’t know what to think and may be a little alarmed – not least because at work, you’re generally supposed to be focused on the real world, and too much interest in the world of the imagination is like a warning sign suggesting you might not be totally plugged in to reality. That’s a scary thought for someone relying on you to get a draft out in the next 2 hours…

    If you’re in a fairly staid workplace, you probably keep a divide up anyway between home you and work you. I’m in a law firm, and that’s what I do. At work functions, I talk gossip, work, holidays and when people loosen up a bit, current affairs etc. Occasionally even sport. With close friends, all of the above plus gaming, sci-fi etc.

    Works for me.

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