Guessing games with playing styles

I’m still up in the air with class/career choices, I think I just have to make a shortlist and try them when I get the chance. But unlike Arbitrary, my priorities don’t hinge around different roles — I’ve happily played casters, melee, tanks, and healers in the past.

For me, I like classes that are quite complex to master. I’m not interested in sitting at the back and pressing a single button. But like I say, not too concerned about what role it fills. I also like social classes, ones that are in demand for grouping. Soloing ability isn’t a major issue for me as long as it isn’t diabolically bad.

The popularity of MMOs is based on them providing lots of options for players, no matter what playing style or preferences in game. Providing classes of differing complexities is important. For every player like me who enjoys constantly making decisions and reassessing priorities, there is someone else who wants to kick back and kill some orcs to chill out after work, or someone who just wants to hang out online with their mates without being stressed to press the right button every half second. No one likes to feel disadvantaged in the game so designers need to find ways for classes of differing complexity to be somehow on par with each other.

However much players whine about wanting skill to be the only factor involved, it’s not really what we want. Most of us would prefer skill being a major part of things but not the only one. If skill is the only factor, then you are severely cutting down the number of people you might want to play with to those who are of similar skill. Some people may want that, but a lot of others have friends they want to hang out with. It’s not fun to be continually told ‘sorry, can’t play with you because you’re not fast enough to react’. I don’t want to be mown down every time I go into PvP by someone younger with faster reactions, there’s nothing fun about that. But I would be happy if my superior tactical skills (hey, I’m good at Scrabble 😛 ) could come into play also. Skill can also involve picking a class that suits your playing style and preferences.

So far in WAR, the only class I’ve heard described as simple is the Swordmaster. It was mentioned as being ‘suitable for beginners’. That’s good information and we need to know it. (I’m not sure how I feel about advising beginners to take a tanking class but hey, we’ll see how it works out.) There needs to be something that is beginner/ casual friendly and players need to know which class it is.

I’m not sure which the more complex classes will be yet. It looks as though the melee and caster healers will be switching between dps and healing based on the situation. But a dps or tanking class with lots of situational tricks might also fit the bill.


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  1. Warrior Priest is the one I can’t yet get the hang of. You need to be in melee, to accrue action points so you can heal. I haven’t yet figure out how to reliably stay in melee, yet still be able to heal my teammates.

    I’ve been playing MMO’s for a very long time, so it’s a little difficult for me to objectively judge how easy a class is to play, but none of the WAR classes seem overly complex. The lightbulb hasn’t flashed for me with the WP yet. And I’m more than willing to attribute that to something I’m missing.

    ((Spinks: I’ve edited this a bit for NDA stuffs, hope that’s OK and think I kept the main points!))

  2. I have stopped thinking about what class I am going to play. With all the beta leaks ( not NDA breakers) about the game being boring and major “issues”. I am a little sceptical now. I was even thinking about cancelling my CE and waiting till the game came out and get plain. I don’t know maybe it is just the bad but people that seem to be more into WAR than me and are in beta are turning their noses up at it. So, I stopped worrying about my class and started worrying about playing at all.

  3. @ Scarybooster: If the betas are as large as they say, then it must not be that dull/drab/boring, or at least it must be fixable if it is. I’m still excited. =) Remember, people who don’t like the game are more likely to post about than are people who do like it. (The later just keep playing.) Don’t be discouraged ❤

    @ Rick: In previous games melee healers usually come with CC (stuns and roots, or at least knockback) to buy them time for heals. If the WP is lacking those, talk to the devs FAST. =) Your uninterruptibles/instant heals might not be as heavy hitting or mana efficient, but follow the old healer creedo of “early is best” and it should fly.

  4. btw, Spinks, very good article. Got me thinking about comparative skill levels and how game designers address those in some games. I never thought of it before. They certainly don’t do that kind of thin in Doom/Quake (where I come from @_@).

  5. Very few of the classes seem particularly complex from what we know about them so far, and I find it a little disappointing. That’s one of the reasons I was looking forward to giving ‘twisting’ a go with the KotBS, but now only the Chosen have that mechanic and my guild is going Order.

  6. Personally I am looking forward to the Runepriest. I love Dwarfs and every time I start an MMO I gravitate to the support classes until I know my way around.

    I like the added feature that the Runes that I cast can also be interacted with by the person they’re on. That adds another whole level for me if open grouping.
    Who is most likely to take this rune and know best when to use it to tip the scales…

  7. unwise: I guess one thing I hadn’t taken into account is that PvP is a bit more complex anyway since you need to always be aware of what’s going on around you. I do like classes with lots of situational skills though.

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