RP server popularity in Warhammer

Roleplaying servers are typically a minority interest in MMOs. It’s funny when you think about it, because the devs spend all this time designing and writing the background to the games, everyone whines like crazy when lore is broken, but the majority of players aren’t all that interested in playing in that sandpit. They’d kill plain white cubes if they got xp out of it.

Part of this is the reputation that roleplayers have among more hardcore gamers, as people who are just bad players. We all have heard about the guy who rolls on random gear because it looks cool, ‘for RP.’ We’ve all heard about the people who cyber (RP sex) in public places. Part of it is the impression that everyone will be forced to talk in mock Elizabethan English and drummed off the server if they don’t. None of these are really typical and most players on RP servers don’t like them either. But the reputation is there.

But mostly it’s because people don’t care all that much about being part of the lore. They might enjoy some of the stories (if they read the quest text) but they want to be able to call their characters ikillu and healerxxx. They want to talk about TV and sport on public channels. They want to play, and for them that means interacting with the game in a different way than roleplayers do.

The distinctions get confused because a lot of players like to express themselves through their characters. That means picking gear because it looks cool or interesting, collecting mini-pets, getting funny titles, and that kind of fluff. It’s a similar mindset to people who need glittery MySpace pages and although devs cater to it, I’m not really sure that they understand it. You don’t have to be a RPer to do that, nor do you need to be on a roleplaying server.

But reading the various bulletin boards and skimming guild sites, I’m surprised by the number of people who do say that they are interested in roleplaying servers. I wonder now if Warhammer might see an upsurge in interest in RP, just because of the sheer number of people who played and loved the tabletop game and really do care about the lore. You do expect the beta crowd to be more into the game and its background than ‘regular’ players but I wonder if the appeal of the setting and roleplaying in it will outweigh any existing prejudices against RP servers. I guess we’ll see.


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  1. Haha Metzen talks about Renaissance technology in a fantasy setting like it was a new frontier.

  2. I want to play on a role-play server… but I also want open-RvR (less safe than core servers). I reeeeeally want open-RvR but I dislike leet-speaking, lame-named morons, so I hope they make RP versions of open-RVR servers.

    If these aren’t available, I will be faced with a tough decision.

  3. You know, I enjoy RP and have done it on a number of occasions, the problem is that on RP servers it sometimes feels like work.

    On the weekends when I’m relaxed and have plenty of time, it’s really fun to immerse yourself the law and the game with others who can do the same.

    On the other hand, sometime I just wanna drink a few beers and have fun chasing the opposing faction around while laughing about how that guy just got destroyed when we all zerged the point he was defending.

    I think that’s the both the strength and drawback of RP servers, it weeds out all the people with ridiculous names and the crap in chat, on the other hand, you need to be very careful you don’t break anyone’s immersion with an offhand comment about how you just spilled beer all over the keyboard.

  4. […] When roleplay is used for good, instead of evil Posted on July 24, 2008 by Rick Spinks, over at Book of Grudges, posted today about roleplay servers. […]

  5. I’m garunteed really to start on an RP server thanks to my friends.

    I do hope the rp servers are somewhat similar to Virtue on City of Heroes. It is not an official rp server, so as a result you do get the best (and worst) of both worlds. You can run around in character, or just chat to another person. Either works.

    That said, given the setting and given how many people likely to play it who have enjoyed the fluff, the books, the tabletop game and the setting, I’d be surprised if there wasnt a huge take up on Roleplaying in WAR.

    On the bright side, I’m likely to have my character in character and just natter to folks on Teamspeak as I always do.

    After all, whats the point of playing any of the racial pairings if you dont really get into the why of why you hate the other side. “Cause the NPC said so” wont cut it for me personally.

  6. Ooh Ardua, maybe we can say hi in-game then!

  7. Sounds like a plan!

    Now if only they would release the server types/names.

  8. I played WoW the day it was released — November 23, 2004 — and I’ll never know why it didn’t occur to me that an RP server was my calling. I pretty much played PvP servers for the whole three unhappy years I played that pixilated crack. I was always so unhappy with the people on the server whether it was they’re stupid names, or crappy and cocky attitudes. And of course, I was just simply a horrible PvPer. I loved being a balance druid too much, which might have been my first mistake, but I simply had poor reflexes.

    Back to point, I quit the game because I could never be immersed into the environment with other people and because once I got all the greatest items there would be no point to continue. PvPers as well as PvEers care nothing for the extensive and unique lore of Warcraft. Nor did they care about taking the time to actually enjoy the surrounding: They all focused on battlegrounds and end-game instances. Lastly, there was never any motivation for people to harass opposing villages nor was there any desire to defend allied towns.

    If I could go back in time, I would have joined an RP server, or better yet a PvP RP server — I would have been much happier. However there are no time machines and I’ve quit for good. I’ve been trying to get a real life and am still working on it although I quit it about eight months ago. All in all, RP servers offer more fulfillment from WoW than just phat lewt.

  9. This is one of the pages that comes up when I search Role-Playing and Warhammer Servers. From what I can tell all the servers have open RvR areas. Ill be playing on the Azazel Server and invite all role-players to join me, hopefully eventually claiming the server for ourselves. If there is another server already picked out by role-players Im unaware of plase use this sites tools to e-mail me.

  10. Late reply for this, but I ran into “Wikipedia,” “Chair,” and “Phuc” on the server where I’ve been playing the Open Beta. Needless to say, I’m now sold on a RP server in this game, too.

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