Games Day (UK) I-Spy

I-Spy books were around a lot when we were growing up. Basically they were spotter’s guides that included points for everything you saw, in a little book you could helpfully write on (always fun as a child).

Anyway, in my excitement and nervousness about actually going to Games Day I decided to sit down and create for everyone a little I-Spy sheet to supplement other Games Day activities. Feel free to amend it for US events (you could even use it for Comic-con over the next couple of days). And I’m happy to take suggestions of things I may have missed!

Games Day I-Spy (Google Doc)

ps. the chocolate entry exists to make sure I personally get some points 🙂

12 Responses

  1. oh dear – it’s early. I read ‘spot’ as ‘spit’ and was wondering why you wanted us to spit at people from other countries!

  2. I wanted to add a ton more food categories.. should really do these things when not hungry!

  3. It is my mission to secure that cloak.

    And hell, I’ll see if I can spot any of the GOA lads, after all they’re all based here in Dublin. They may even travel with the Dublin stores to Gamesday.


    Also, Games Day challenege?

  4. Ooh, are you going to Games Day then?

    As for the challenge, Spinks informs me that when she booked our coach places we were also allocated into some poor team of 6-8 and there will be quizzes and scavenger hunts so on the return journey they can be marked. We’re bound to suck, so we’ll need the help!

  5. Lets see….

    ….be jealous of the Golden Demon peoples skill


    ….scavanager hunts and Goa/Mythic stalking.

    I’m sold.

  6. There should be additional points for Paul Barnett :

    20 points if you get Paul Barnett to describe something by likening it to something that it is not
    40 points if you get Paul Barnett to describe anything by likening it to a feature in WAR (“This Coffee is just like our customizable mount system.”)

  7. Ooh, nice. Will add those later today 🙂

  8. oh damn that’s awesome 😀

    How many do you think you’ll get 😀

  9. We’ll get the chocolate!

  10. Chocolate and spotting arbitrary and Spinks 🙂

  11. @Boat – have added yours but paraphrased a little and made it 10pts only because I don’t think it’ll be that rare ;p

  12. Nice list

    My bro and I will have to have crack at it 🙂

    The chocolate category is looking popular – perhaps it could be expanded on… Mars 2pt, Snickers 2pt, Twix… No? oh well, worth a try 😉

    And for you two, perhaps you should add a point for every BoG reader you meet?

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