GOA website

Edit: Ok, the website maintenance has been postponed, so this is a little defunct!

There’s been a ton of discussion about the GOA website and its use of Flash and how many users would rather it was more like the Mythic one. Community Managers have continued to insist it’s a work in progress, which is good enough for me, to be honest.

Anyway, it’s coming down on Thursday and Friday for maintenance. Will this be when they add the ability to put in beta/early access codes for those of us who pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition? Will it emerge from a cocoon looking completely different? I guess we have to tune in on saturday to find out!

Also, please note the following:

Please note that some of the content on our Newsletter is hosted on our website, hence some Newsletter content will be unavailable during this maintenance.

Now reads to me as if the newsletter will be Thurs or Fri! (let’s get ready for an NDA release?)

NB: yes, ok, after my initial lameness I realised this could refer to old newsletter content. But I’ll keep what I originally wrote, I’d like to think the newsletter will be out before the end of July!


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  1. I hate flash-heavy websites… what’s the need for it, seriously? Flash was cool 5 years ago and today it’s just an annoyance for most people. Learn Ajax imo! 😛

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