There’s some confusion currently about the Collector’s Edition (CE) vs Standard Edition (SE) benefits with respect to access to open beta and headstart. Fans are getting hot under the collar, especially in long incendiary threads at WHA, at the idea that pre-orders of the standard edition will have access to open beta and headstart because many had expected those would be CE exclusives.

Being centered around European Warhammer Online (which sounds as though it isn’t planning to give SE pre-orders access to open beta), I’ve looked through the thread trying to clear any confusion for us. Mark Jacobs lays it out pretty clearly (PO = pre-order).

7) In Europe, the plan is for the OB to invite the CE POs customers but the SE POs will not get a special invitation.

Then in answer to further questions about the EU situation (his answer is in non-italics):

Hold on? Eu players who Pre-order the Standard Edition WONT get into the OB and Headstart?

They will get into the HS but not a guaranteed slot in the OB as far as I know.

Well, we need to hear from the GOA guys for a definitive answer. And there’s time for people to cancel their pre-orders or switch from a CE to a SE if this new information changes their minds. I did assume that only the CE would get the open beta and headstart and that was an incentive for me to want it (um, though I’m actually getting it as a delayed birthday present, so maybe I’m not feeling it as keenly as others). I think it was confusing but am glad Mark Jacobs has stepped in, taken the flak and let people know what the deal is.

Do I mind a short open beta? Not immensely, I think it might protect people from getting too invested in beta chars or from seeing too much. LotRO’s open beta was pretty short too, but enough to get me hooked to buy it! So if WAR’s is short, that’s actually cool with me (I bet they’re relieved to hear that!).

The headstart thing? I’ll live if all pre-orders get it, whether collector’s or not. Might make some of our earlier posts a bit out of date, but still means those initial servers will be full of people who’ve been waiting to play this particular game enough to pre-order it at all. And it does mean at least one good thing, not everyone in on the headstart will be wearing the same collector’s edition head!

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  1. Yeah MBJ is really being blasted over there. All of the Mythic posts from the last year or so are being analyzed and sifted through with a fine tooth comb.

    In the end it is their game and giving head start access to pre-orders of the standard edition is good marketing. As was not correcting the apparent misconception of the community at large over the collector’s edition.

  2. Lack of information will do that. Of note, he has not denied anything relating to the dates Gamespot has posted.

  3. err gamestop šŸ™‚

  4. So EU gets the shaft again?

    And we will likely end up paying more šŸ˜€

  5. Well to be honest you can’t blame people they thought they were buying in to a exclusive beta. While it did not blatently say that it might have been intimated. These are the kind of things other MMO’s have used in the past to market their game so people just made the same assumption.

    I can see both sides of the fence and I think both sides made assumptions. Mythic made assumptions about how clear their information was and the customers made assumptions about what was being sold.

    With the customer always being right the ball lies in the Mythic court. I can’t believe they didn’t expect customers to assume what was being sold as part of the CE as this is a typical MMO marketing thing. I am sure marketing analysed the market and trends of other MMO’s too. So Mythic has to do damage control here because regardless it will be seen as their fault. Honestly it is 50-50 but we the customers are not trying to sell anything šŸ˜‰

    Not been the smoothest of few weeks and none of the announcements coming out of Mythic right now have been good. They really could do with a silver lining right about now.

  6. Yeah, this seems to be a case of lying by omission. They should have stated back then that the SE would also provide OB & HS access, and let people make up their mind about their CE purchase with all the facts.

    This seems to me to have been a deliberate marketing exercise to ensure that all the CEs were snapped up. Of course, people have the right to return their CEs and order an SE instead, but how many will make the effort, and how much were the marketing people banking on people’s inherent laziness?

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