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We’re taking part in a bit of a fansite/community event! Wrenn from Warhammer Conflict got a bunch of us together the other night to have a bit of a chat and Snafzg from The Greenskin suggested that we could all work together on answering questions once the NDA drops.

So what’s going to happen is this. A bunch of sites/blogs/community places will take questions. Feel free to add any you have to comments here. The questions will then get compiled into a big list and placed on a neutral site and once the NDA is dead and buried reps from different fansites will go answer the questions. It’ll hopefully save on lots of duplication and effort, but also should end up providing much better answers.

So – fire away and leave any questions you have here and we’ll submit them to this endeavour. Remember though that the NDA is still in place, and very much so right now. So don’t comment on questions asked, and please don’t answer them! Also, there’s no need to duplicate questions on different sites, if you asked them already elsewhere, that’s cool too.


9 Responses

  1. I’d like to know more about the instances in the game – how many there are, level ranges, etc etc.

  2. I want to know more about the differences between the EU and US testing environments. I ant to know how many servers each has, how busy they have been, what kind of feedback arrangements have been in place, etc.

  3. 1. Rested XP, I know it exists but no idea on, do you have to be in a Capital, a keep, is it anytime you log out?

    2. Please tell me everything you know on Squig Herder?
    DPS of Squig vs Arrers?
    Is Auto Shoot just a supplment to damage something to fill the gap between extra shots and what type of damage does it do?
    If you played a Squig Herder, what shot rotation did you use?
    Did you find yourself useful in groups?
    Can we please get a full skill and mastery list?
    What mastery path did you take and why?
    What tatics and morales did you find most useful?

    3. Anyone who played a shaman, how was the WAAAGH? Did you find yourself constantly out of WAAAGH and spells taking to long? Is it easy to forget about healing?

    4. Tell me more about the Black Orc system of depending on the first hit opens up options of a different set of second hits so forth and so on.

    All for now.

  4. I would like to know how some details on the Runepriest / Zealot plays as the only healer without a damage/heling mechanic.

  5. Oooh, great idea. I want to answer Gewyne’s question! And I want to know the answer for spinks’ question. And I honestly don’t know the answer to arbitrary’s question….there’s still plenty in the game that I haven’t seen in beta.

    That’s probably another question someone should ask: How did Mythic structure their beta test? Was it different than other MMO beta tests? I know the answer, but it’s worth talking about, and I’ll probably be mentioning it on my blog once the NDA drops.

  6. Can someone who is not a pvp-aficianado from prior games talk about the RvR? Is it really fun for a lifelong carebear?

  7. As a Shaman do you have issues having enough WAAGH to make it useful?

    Squig Herder

    DPS of the herder vs the squig
    Is there alot of micromanaging your pet
    All Skills, Morales, Tatics, and Masteries you know of.

  8. I’ll be interested to hear the answer to that myself. I was a DAoC RvR fan, but not really a PvP fan. I think that still disqualifies me somewhat from being able to answer Esri’s question when the NDA drops.

    I’m very curious if my hardcore PvE friends will be able to find enjoyment in WAR’s RvR options. There’s a line somewhere between “I’ll never PvP” and “I haven’t found any PvP I can enjoy”, and I’m not sure exactly where that line is drawn.

  9. First I shall lift my comments from The Greenskin.

    1. What are the in world recovery times/items like. Eg. The CE Rittenbachs Portable camp. Will it be a quirk or useful?

    2. Beercopter, how’s it look?

    3. Chaos chicken mechanic. Is it as hilarious as it sounds?

    Secondly I will second Gewynes question! Runepriest, waaaant.

    As for Spinks, well I think IanCompton needs to be hunted down at Games Day

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