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Games Workshop is posting weekly information drops about Games Day in the run up to the event on September 14th. We’ll be keeping an eye on these for any tasty morsels!

Elite IV is in development! Am I the only person who thinks this is more exciting than Star Trek Online and KOTOR Online put together?

Just when you thought we were done with E3 articles, playboy weighs in with How to Sound Knowledgeable about E3. Now why couldn’t they have written that before E3, so we could have sounded all knowledgeable like?

Stratics has posted the entire Comic-Con presentation that Paul gave – it’s 45 mins, so make sure you block the time to watch it.

Blizzard plans to track achievements across Diablo III, Starcraft II, AND WoW. And as another snippet to people wondering how their achievements will work:

The Achievements planned for the “WoW” are now character-specific, but Kaplan hopes to add account-specific “WoW” Achievements in the first content patch for “Lich King.”

Simon Parkin at Gamasutra summarises Paul Barnett’s talk from Develop Online as 11 lessons he has learned from Warhammer Online.

We’ve been inspirational. No, seriously. Sit down, we have! First Champions of Stuff have provided us with an awesome Dress-Your-Own Paul Barnett (here’s my own effort, helpfully disguising my wi-fi aerial). And one of of comment-writers, cb, has written us a song to show what WAR could have learned from Mamma Mia.

Rush over to The Vault and check out their Basic Tips for Zerglings. Here’s mine: MOVE OUT OF THE FIRE!

JoBIldo is recruiting for a guild made up of bloggers and blogfriends (my word of the day). It’ll be US-based so we won’t be there, but doesn’t mean we can’t pimp it. (From an original idea Boathammer had)

Nothing to do with us, but there is now a White Lion blog! Welcome.

Hasbro had Scrabulous removed from Facebook and users arent’ happy. I would say “Suck it, Facebook users. If you can’t understand what copyright means then you don’t deserve to play games.” And James Wallis agrees. Random Battle on the other hand thinks it was lame of Hasbro to close it down. We have conflicting reports as to whether it is back now, so maybe they cut a deal or found a loophole.


Paul Barnett clarifies his recent speech at Develop, Brighton over at his blog.

9 Responses

  1. Ah Elite… great game. The link you posted does not seem to have anything to do with it though. Or maybe I am just blind this morning.

    The X games by Egosoft are pretty good if you like Elite.

  2. I’d think you guys would be quite proud of yourselves indeed — you helped inspire men to play with dolls all over again.

  3. hehe, I just went over to the neighbours’ colour printer so I could have me my own Dress-Your-Own Doll. Results will be shown soon!

  4. @ Werit – you need to read the whole article!

  5. You are right… I must have been distracted by all the Xbox Wii talk.

    Another game to put on my list…

  6. You can see my efforts here:
    Dress-Your-Own Paul Barnett

    (but I think I’ll let the CoS site put it up, since it’s really all their hard work – but it has now decorated my wi-fi aerial beautifully)

  7. […] and Spinks over at gave a shout-out to the White Lion Blog! Thanks, ladies. posted by Esri at 10:02 am […]

  8. Well, I’m not really upset they sued Scrabulous… they had a very good point. You can’t clone a game piece for piece and then give it away for free.

    I’m just annoyed that they shut it down without providing their existing customer base on facebook a stable replacement. They pissed off tons of Scrabble fans. Although, I hear that they’re fixing their server issues.

  9. Yay, my song! I am almost inspired to write an album – first Abba.. next Take That..

    And Elite 4. That really would rock!

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