Open Beta is coming!

So enough speculation about dates, I’m bored of it and we should know all the answers some time before we need to know them! Let’s talk about what you want out of your time in open beta. Whether confused about if you’ll be in it or not, let’s imagine everyone who reads this will have a spot in the open beta waiting for them come whatever date.

  • Will you make every class you’re interested in and play them through the starter area?
  • Will you check out the opposition side at all, or just focus on kicking them?
  • How far would you ideally like to get through the game?
  • How much content will you see?
  • Will you check out as much RvR as possible, or just enough to get a taste?
  • Will you craft at all?
  • How many hours do you see yourself spending on a char/s that will be wiped?

Basically it comes down to what do you want to learn from the open beta? Let’s assume quite a short one. I think LotRO’s was pretty short, maybe a week or so. But in that time I decided I liked it enough to go for the lifetime subscription option. So what did I learn from that open beta?

  • that I liked how the game looked
  • that there was a class I really enjoyed (I think I’ve noted previously how I’m more likely to play the first I try!)
  • that the quests and stuff were what I expected
  • that I liked traits and titles

I’ve been playing LotRO since release and most of the above still stands! Of course, added to it is the layer of having found a fantastic guild and some great friends. I’d never have played it though without those initial impressions from the beta.

So let’s think of positives – open beta is coming. And we’ve been waiting in anticipation for it for quite some time. With all that build-up, how will you spend your open beta?


7 Responses

  1. I don’t plan on playing my career of choice, the White Lion, in beta. I’ll save that for the Head Start.

    I’ll definitely be checking out the RvR though. I’m a lifelong carebear — my PvP experience is limited to Darktide raids when Thistledown was down in AC, a bit of monster play in LoTRO and a war in EvE Online that convinced me to go back to an NPC corp…. I want to see if the RvR, especially scenarios, are everything they are cracked up to be for the non-PvP lover.

    I’ll probably be checking out Destruction for the most part in Open Beta, but I may try out the Warrior Priest and maybe a Dwarf career as well. I plan to stay out of the High Elf starter area.

    If it is a short Open Beta I doubt I’ll take any character above level 10 — unless the Open Beta is a directed beta with focus tests, then I’ll do what I’m told. 😉

  2. Good question. I am not really sure… I am leaning towards just trying out the classes I am interested in, and using them mostly in RvR from the get-go (and PQ’s).

  3. I’ll try my best to refrain from making my intended main characters. I’d like to savor those.

    I’ll be going destruction, so likely one of the first things I’ll be doing is rolling an Empire player, so I can thoroughly familiarize myself with Altdorf.

  4. I’ll play an Engineer, to make sure it is how I want it to play like and then move to others. No reason to not play your main now while you have the chance to make sure that’s what you want to play.

    I did that in the WoW betas and then moved in to the class at launch, only with a different race.

  5. I may tool around with whatever character creator there is to get an idea of how I want my launch/live main to look, but beyond that I am likely to roll up random things here and there just to get a look at the starting areas.

    That and Im sitting down with the tome first thing 😛

    Don’t want to lose too much headstart time pouring over it when I can do it early.

  6. I plan on having one main char and three others so I have one of each archtype (2 on order, 2 on Destruction) so i think I will use OB as a way of seeing which areas / races and classes I will like to choose.

    Mainly I just want to dip my toes into the water to get a small feel of the entire game.

  7. I am going to play around with all of the classes I am not interested in playing and avoid the starter areas for the races of those classes so that it is as new as possible to me when I log in for the HS.

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