Travel the Road

Syp over at Waaagh and a thread over at Warhammer Alliance pushed me to go look at the Road to WAR site. According to James Nichols (dev posting over at WHA), it’ll be properly announced in this week’s newsletter. Also, in the WHA thread, Mark Jacobs popped in to say:

And no, it’s not the good news I promised. Which, as a gentle reminder, I did say could take weeks. I’m hoping it’s only days but it might take a little longer to work out the details.

I think we’ll have a bunch of good news coming over the next few weeks. 

Good news always sounds good to me.

NB: Not found a specifically European version of this, might be that we hear something in newsletter – currently you can only select regions of the US or Australia though, so looks like this one isn’t really directed at us.


One Response

  1. Not sure I would calls the ‘weeks’ part good 🙂

    As for the road, looks interesting. I don’t really know what we are supposed to do if we are not in a battleground state.

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