European SE pre-order

It’s being discussed over at Warhammer Alliance and Iain C has stopped by to make the following clarification:

The European SE pre-order program is not announced or available yet. We will be launching it at the end of August.

So, if you are waiting to participate in the SE (standard edition not special edition!) pre-order thing over this side of the pond, you need to wait for more news, and hold off on pre-ordering until the end of August.

In fact, the 28th August, as Iain says in a separate Warhammer Alliance thread:

On the subject of the standard edition pre-order in Europe. The EU pre-order for the standard edition begins on the 28th of August and the full details haven’t yet been announced for it. As Mark has said however the EU version won’t have the open beta access. This is mostly because we are instead going to be making open beta places available through partner websites in the different European territories instead. European communities are different to North American ones and we feel that this is the best way to support them and to give EU WAR fans the opportunity to take part in the open beta.

Right – so our pre-order program for the SE can start later than the American one, because ours won’t include open beta access. That seems a reasonable assumption anyway, or the one I’m drawn to. Anyway, it does mean you should look out for the open beta spaces available through partner websites (not here, unfortunately, I’d give you all a beta slot!).  But anyway,  spread the word to anyone you know thinking of buying it, so they get the full benefit of it.

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