No NDA lift.. just yet!

Ok, so Mark Jacobs has been stopping by a couple of forums to let us know the NDA lift isn’t happening just yet. You can read his words over at Warhammer Alliance and the Vault. At the Vault boards he further clarifies himself that:

Waiting sucks, I agree but after all the work we’ve put into the game, I’d rather wait just a little bit longer till we get some things taken care of before I lift the NDA. We’ve got an important improvement going into the game next week we hope and if it works out the way we hope, I want to make sure that it’s talked about by the current beta testers. We hoped it could go in this week but it couldn’t so I’m continuing to hold up the NDA lift till its in and a couple of other things are done as well. The lift of the NDA is a rather important point in the development/marketing of the game and especially in the light of some other developers either not ever lifting the beta NDA or not lifting the NDA till launch, I want to make sure that we did it at the right time.

That makes sense to me, actually. Looks like they would have liked to lift it as soon as possible, but they want to get in one last thing first.

And hey, he said lots of news this week, possibly starting tomorrow.

10 Responses

  1. Important improvement?

  2. The final lighting?

  3. chocolate for all players?

  4. Probably testing of Tier 4 and city capturing. After changing to only 2 cities I think they will have to test it some more.

    Bah all this sitting at the computer waiting for news wasted…I was really hoping for the NDA to drop. But I guess it is for the better good

  5. chooocooolate…………..

  6. No NDA drop, no OB or release dates… so they news will be a letdown. I would say we are 2 weeks out from the NDA drop at least.

  7. It’s just so incredibly frustrating.

  8. Green & Blacks White chocolate with vanilla pods is a gift from God.

  9. It seems to me that the info leak is starting to grow. There was a lull for a few weeks, but things are picking up again.

    I mean, hells, we’re only five weeks out from release, so the flood gates have to open very soon. The damn is cracking and there are too many holes to plug.

  10. The important improvement, I’m pretty sure, are Battle Pants.

    Players can wear Battle Pants for massive stat increases, or use them as a powerful pet to fight alongside.

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