Release Date & Prices announced! Clear your diaries for the 18th Sept!

Here’s the skinny. Straight from the EU site. And just for once we don’t get to whine about EU treatment because the game is being released in US, EU, and Australia on the same day.

One-month, three-month and six-month subscriptions will be available at EUR 12.99 (GBP 10.31), EUR 35.97 (GBP 28.55), and EUR 65.94 (GBP 52.34) respectively.

60-day prepaid game cards will cost EUR 29.99 (GBP 23.81). The game itself will have an RRP of EUR 49.99 (GBP 39.69) with a 30-day subscription included.

In Europe, you can pre-order a regular edition from the 28th August (you’ve been able to pre-order a collectors edition for some time if you could find one), and the regular edition pre-order will give players a key for the Head Start and some bonus in-game items.

And a quick shout-out to vayasen at FH for calling the date correctly back in July, based on when he was out of the country on holiday.

edited to add: announcement now up on the US Herald too.


14 Responses

  1. Wow, so much for Mark saying the release date will not be announced this week. Good news though, they finally admitted it.

  2. Didn’t he just say they wouldn’t drop the NDA this week?

    I bet GOA pulled this on their own.

  3. He did say no NDA this week too.

  4. I’m still wondering if the 18th is just the head-start date, or if that’s even sooner. It’s odd for a game to release on a Thursday in the US. Usually over here they ship on Mondays and are in stores on Tuesdays.

    Waiting for more confirmation.

  5. From the mouth of the horse itself.

    From the 28th August, the regular edition of the game can be pre-ordered at 5€ (£3.97), and this special pre-order pack will entitle players to a key for ‘Live Game Head Start’ access ahead of the full commercial release on the 18th September, as well as bonus in-game items.

    So I’d say a threeish day Headstart. Maybe even the Friday before.

    Dont forget, anyone in open beta will have downloaded the game prior to shipping (I would imagine)

  6. Woot! This news was worth waiting for… even though Mark Jacobs said we wouldn’t be getting it this week.

  7. More confirmation added for the US non-believers 🙂 Announcement is up on the US Herald also now.

  8. Yet the Preorder page is still not updated XD

    Still fantastic news

  9. It is updated now.

    Open Beta download is available Aug 15th, no news on when servers will be open.

  10. does that mean the headstart coincides with my trip to Games Day? BAH!!!!!!

  11. Who knows? Maybe it means they’ll have a launch party kinda thing at Games Day (I’m guessing not very likely because the computer games aren’t really the main focus of the event, but you never know!)

  12. I suppose how long the headstart is.

    If it is a three day thing, it starts just after Games Day. This to me makes sense.

    If it’s longer, it will cut into Games Day time yes. I guess we’ll know next Friday.

  13. I don’t get back from Games Day till the tuesday evening afterwards, cos I’m travelling down to see Spinks and my family before I come home.

    I’ll live though, I can kick her husband off his computer and play a bit ;p

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