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Iain C has stopped by Freddyshouse and Warhammer Alliance to clarify where GOA and the EU stand on Mark’s announcements over at the Vault yesterday:

I don’t know yet what the situation for the EU will be regarding this. To be honest this announcement was a surprise to us as well and so we’ll need to talk to Mythic, our other partners and our various internal teams to see what is possible under the circumstances. The timetable we were working to appears to have changed dramatically so we’ll need to re-evaluate a lot of things and look at where our resources are at the moment. It’s Mythic’s prerogative to change things – in fact there have been many changes prior to this that we’ve worked through together – we just need to see if it’s possible to adapt our plans to bring things back into line again. As always our intention will be to try and give the same opportunities to European fans as Mythic give to NA fans but we need to see if it is possible to shuffle our timetable to match given the fact that everything is pretty much committed at the moment to gearing up for launch.

I expect we’ll be able to announce what we will be doing for the European fans within the next few days. 

And from Mark in the same thread:


I’ve made a slight change to my announcement so it’s clear that I’m talking about North America (for the time being). We are working with GOA and will have an announcement to make regarding the European beta and OB in the coming days. As somebody has already noted, the US and the EU betas were already a little different. I *hope* that our European CE customers will get all the same additional benefits that our North American CE customers get. 

Which just confirms what Iain says above. That GOA were a bit caught out by this and now have to see what’s possible for us here in Europe. It also says to me that Mythic don’t exactly have Europe in mind when they come out with certain things. The idea of a timetable changing dramatically also makes me worry a little for GOA! Timing can affect so many things, from staffing levels to marketing campaigns, and when dates change.. it can be hard to get everything as stable and good as you were aiming for.

I know there’s bound to be some fans that give GOA grief for not having the exact same scheme (if it turns out impossible to do), but in this case, it looks to me like they got a bit of a raw deal and PR hiccough. Will definitely be interesting to see what they can pull out the bag at short notice though!!


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  1. Seems to me that it shows a complete lack of respect for GOA and the European players by Mythic. Makes you wonder if they were so bothered about getting all the ‘wonderful’ news out for their American customers that they were willing to completely shaft their European partners.

    I wouldn’t blame GOA in the slightest but think Mythic have played a very thoughtless game. Bleh.

  2. Perhaps a bit disorganized, but not thoughtless:

    “as of this morning we are still on track for the 18th. As to why it’s on a Thursday, in order to ensure a simultaneous launch in North America and Europe and Oceania, we determined that Thursday was the optimal day and date.”
    -Mark Jacobs on Warhammer Alliance

  3. I gotta say, I’m intrigued as to why Thursday is the best day of the week for a worldwide launch.

  4. The day of the week is pretty arbitrary.

  5. Is that an Arbitrary joke? /facepalm

  6. ha ha (first of all)

    I had a really old article stashed somewhere about what days different countries tended to release on, but then I lost it since we didn’t have a release date set.

    Might see if I can look it up sometime. Thursdays are icky for me as I always work late then!

  7. Well Thursdays you can get the game bought and then have no weekend because “gaaaaaame”.

    Also Thursdays, it’s not prime time for anything really. People can shop, people can patch clients, people can flounder about in uncertainty and if anything crashes or goes on fire, it gives them a days lead over the weekend.

    I would imagine that its not the Americans giving the French guys in Dublin the shaft and more that someone ballsed up somewhere (all the stores?) and now both sides of the pond are trying to catch up.

  8. I would think more of a Timezone issue on getting stuff corelated before a disrespect for a Country. Since Euro players are fare ahead of us in time, if there was a meeting in NA about getting information out and all of a sudden a drastic change comes, the Euro team might not be completely involved in that process.

    I am pretty sure they already have a plan in place for the Euro players wanting in and would expect to hear something by Friday or Monday at the latest on it.

  9. Actually that’s a very fair point Brotik. the divide between GOA in Dublin and Mythic is 8 hours.

    So 5pm and time to go home here is 9am and time to start there.

    If they didn’t know it was coming, they ended up a day behind it all.

  10. I don’t like see the words ‘blame’ or ‘fault’ thrown around in relation to this sort of thing. The fact is that in this industry, plans sometimes have to change at short notice. Mythic are spinning a lot of plates at the moment and we at GOA are only one of many plates that they need to pay attention to.

    As I said in the post that Arbitrary quoted above, plans have changed before and we and Mythic have worked together to get past that. We follow Mythic’s lead as far as is possible, they set the pace and we work alongside their plans. If the plans change then that’s our problem and not Mythic’s.

    We have a bunch of people from Mythic coming to visit us next week and I’m sure that this will be one of the may things we’ll be talking to them about.

  11. Is it wrong I first thought of “the Final Countdown” song when I saw the post title?

  12. Hey Iain!

    Just out of curiosity are you and the Mythic lads going to be at Games Day?

    And can I drop by Dolphins barn? 😛

  13. They better be! (actually, I believe there is 100% going to be a GOA presence and we know Paul Barnett is going).

    (and they need to bring chocolate and T-shirts too!)

  14. Paul will be there, Rahim will be there, I will be there and probably Magnus too.

    Other than that, It’s going to be a crazy time for us, apparently there’s some game launch to deal with that week so I don’t know if anyone else can make it.

  15. Step 1) Stalk Goa
    Step 2) Puppy dog eyes over the GM position
    Step 3) Steal all their gubbins from the event
    Step 4) Stop announcing your evil plans, says not to in the Evil Overlord List

  16. Bah, there’s some early access and game launch thing WE’re preparing for too (bring more T-shirts ;p)

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