The Links that came in from the cold

Gamespy have a whole week of WAR articles going on at the moment, discussing their experiences in the beta. They describe a keep siege on page 19 which sounds like good fun. Sigh, if I was a journalist, I’d have tried Order and Destruction. Only one of them has tried an Order character so far! Come on guys!!

Games Radar meanwhile, tickles our fancy with a look at some of the dungeons in the game. As Destruction, naturally.

Paul Barnett discusses his talk at Develop Online on his blog and expands on what he meant with the metaphors of burning heretics. posts a video interview with Jeff Skalski (Features Producer) done at Comic-Con about the game’s capital cities.

We extend the big welcome to more WAR bloggers – OMGompers, Zizlak’s Travel Diary and Tome of Ignorance.

And speaking of bloggers, there’s a new community called Blog Warhammer. It’s for people (like us) who blog about Warhammer and people who like to read the blogs to discuss ideas. Or just read Regis’ own intro to the site.

The Brainy Gamer thinks that the XBox360 seems masculine and the PS3 feminine. Actually I think most of the female demographic is hanging out with Nintendo.

Speaking of which, Flower Sun and Rain is coming out in Europe for the DS this autumn. I will console myself with this thought while the rest of the world plays the Road to War ;P

And more on another upcoming game that is sounding pretty good, Bioware confirms that dragons will be in Dragon Age.

Every time one of our games gets reviewed we hear people saying “Why don’t you go make another ‘Baldur’s Gate’ game again.” So we said, “Okay, that’s it. Now we’re doing it. Enjoy.”

Knights Templar threaten to sue the Pope. No this isn’t in a game, it’s true!

The Guardian asks Why do we have to die in games?

Describing itself as a Productive Collaborative Game, SFZero has goals of play which include meeting new people, exploring the city, and participating in non-consumer leisure activities. It’s based in San Francisco but apparently you can also play if you don’t live there.

And in US Election zaniness, John McCain offers his wife to a raunchy pageant. Again, this isn’t in a game, it’s true!

And Paris Hilton takes a turn on the hustings too.


2 Responses

  1. I have no idea what flower, sun and rain is about (even after reading the link) but I like the name so I might try it! (i just need to find my DS).
    And that Guardian article is very interesting and it does make a good point. Although in LotrO they made a conscious effort to not have players ‘die’.

  2. Have added yet more bloggers to the links on the left, didn’t spot them and thanks to Syp at Waaagh for the helping hand there.

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