More pre-NDA blogs from Massively

Been reading the gamespy blog this week? I know I have. I’m enjoying it, although there are parts where I want to say ‘wait, no that’s not quite right’ and can’t yet!

Massively are also doing some official pre-NDA blogging. And they’re talking about elves. Keep an eye on that URL, it sounds as though they have a lot more coming!

And stay tuned, because Massively is going to be your place to turn once the NDA comes down! We’ll have exhaustive guides on each of the racial starting zones. We’ll have detailed walkthroughs of the mighty Inevitable City and stalwart Altdorf. We’ll even have class guides, broken out by faction and class role!

Much as it’s cool to read it, you have to feel bad for the people who’d written guides on some of this stuff. Ah well, there’s still another week, eh readers? And may the best guide win! Don’t get the wrong idea from the quote, lots of other sites have post-NDA guides planned too!

We’ll be pointing out our favourites, and giving marks out of 10 for style and substance. There may even be a WAR post-NDA guide drinking game in the works.

*goes off to take more chicken screenshots*


4 Responses

  1. Actually, I am looking forward to the guides but out by our blogger friends more than any Massively article that might pop up. Why? Massively has lost my attention due to the fact the seem to put out posts that really do not amount to much rather than anything worthy or reading.

    Ever sat through some of Turpsters reviews? They are horrible.

    Last few WAR posts have been short rumor-mongering attention grabbers rather than anything worthy of real posting.

    I’ll stick to the blogs, you get a more personal feel as a blogger as a more interest in the class they blog about.

  2. Even I who isn’t in the beta yet can tell that the Gamespy crew aren’t fully on the page about what is happening. That being said, it really is enjoyable.

    In other news: when the NDA drops my head will probably explode because of the feelings of joy. Nearby residents are warned.

  3. @Brotik: Turpster rocks, listen to his podcasts. The reviews are a bit simple, but they are to the core – they grasp the feeling.

    Chicken pictures? They better be cute! You hear me! Cute!

    And btw, it seems my wordpress switch is going mad with trackbacks (those that never worked in Blogger) now that I copied my entire feed, sorry about that :/

  4. Hehe, I noticed that Regis 🙂

    Cute.. I think we can manage that.

    And as for Massively guides, I.. um.. have to admit I’ve never really bothered reading any until Warhammer Online, so we’ll see – though I’ve quite enjoyed reading the Gamespy articles mostly because they write it up quite amusingly..

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