September 18th

Ok, just cos I did it for September 23rd – here’s the rundown on this date in history:

  • 2008 – Warhammer Online launched
  • 1879 – Blackpool Illuminations switched on for the first time (oh dear, I cheered at this one)
  • 1919 – The Netherlands gives women the vote
  • 1927 – CBS goes on air
  • 1970 – Jimi Hendrix dies
  • 1977 – Voyager I takes first picture of Earth and Moon together
  • 1987 – Ronald Reagan announces joint destruction of nuclear warheads by US and USSR
  • 1998 – ICANN is formed
  • Birthdays of Samuel Johnson, Leon Foucault, Greta Garbo, James Gandolfini, Lance Armstrong

Of course, I picked fairly random ones, or ones that stood out for me. Feel free to add more, in comments.


3 Responses

  1. It is also the death day of Dag Hammarskjöld, Swedish Secretary-General of the UN and Nobel Peace Prize winner, the only one to recieve the prize posthumously. Just thought I’d add it.

  2. That’s funny about Hendrix, because whenever I think about WAR I think “I just hope it doesn’t make me choke to death on my own vomit.”

  3. […] sites are promising to give us a daily account of how they will level their toons once September 18 rolls around. Again, this is […]

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