Every time you kill a boar…

Think of this:

I wonder if that nice person wants to be my friend

I wonder if that nice person wants to be my friend


18 Responses

  1. Awww! That cute little guy makes me hungry for bacon.

  2. Er.. I think it was supposed to be putting you off bacon 🙂

  3. exactly… this nice person wants to eat you 😉


    Crap. Now I feel guilty for the thousands of boar that met their fate at my hands in The Game That Shall Not Be Named.

  5. Stop! You’re killing me! How will I ever kill a boar again? The picture was enough — the caption got me in my heartstrings.

  6. lol – sorry for multiple comments, but I just noticed the top link for “Possibly Related Posts”?

    “Can a fractured friendship be renewed? A SInce You Asked column by Cary Tennis”

  7. Esri, I hadn’t noticed that but it made me giggle A LOT!

  8. Mmmmm….bacon….*drools*

  9. I took one look at that picture and just had to go and take some ham out of the fridge *grin*

  10. …He’s mah future mount! ^^

  11. It’s not bacon, it’s xp on the hoof!

  12. Oh man now i’m never gonna be able to kill and skin another Boar again

  13. […] of Grudges just keep throwing them at us… <fetches some […]

  14. You can tell it’s just waiting for you to turn the other direction before ripping your throat out.

  15. I just found out about wild boar hunting… it is cruel and violent. I found out just today, actually.
    My first question for the hunters of these defenceless animals… why?
    Why do you want to kill such an innocent creature? Every life on Earth is valuable… no matter how small. It doesn’t matter, I won’t listen to ANY excuse given to me. I just want all hunters to know that they’re killing life.
    Oh and here’s my OTHER question to those hunters: If you were a boar, would you like random, SELFISH people to go kill those people/boars you love?

    Give it some thought, if you still think what hunters do is okay… if you are a hunter, do you think it’s still right after reading my question?
    If you still do, I don’t see why. Explain if you do…

  16. you get 150xp in northshire xD

  17. knifed me one of em last weekend… bout that size

  18. he/she is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! how dare u kill 1 u big fat meenies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😥

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