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Werit drew my attention to Mark’s latest posts over at Warhammer Alliance which clarify some of what’s going on with the North American and Oceanic customers (CE pre-orders mostly) and their invites to the closed beta.

It reminded me that I should have said something here earlier. While all this is going on, we’re making a concerted effort to mostly report on the European side of things. It’s getting a little confusing now and there’s a whole bunch of blogs and forums that have a more North American focus, so it’s easier for us to stick to EU news on the stages of beta.

But, interesting snippets for me included:

The new Oceanic Beta and the new NA CE Closed Beta servers will be at a different stage of testing than the non-Oceanic servers to allow the Oceanic players to play the Tier 1-3 content while the rest of the Closed Beta testers are currently playing in Tier 4.

We’ve invited about 10K players into our Oceanic Closed Beta regardless of whether they bought a CE or not. We need some volume down there so we invited both Oceanic CE buyers and non-CE buyers.

3 Responses

  1. I was a tad worried at being overwhelmed by the high level characters. Seems that won’t be a problem.

    Too bad we will likely not get to play until later in the week.

  2. I think that whatever happens, you have to remember you’ll be getting to play it earlier than you thought pre-Aug 6th. It’s a pain but you will get on!

    I do find all the announcements and then the ‘extra’ info that is needed to clarify them a little.. confusing. Am waiting on GOA to tell us what’s going to happen in Europe and just worry about that.

    And hey, maybe Mythic will learn a little about making announcements 🙂

  3. It really is mind boggling. Mark will then make a post on how he doesn’t understand the confusion.

    Hopefully GOA says something on Monday. It is still possible we will all get in at the same time.

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