As things stand

Iain C has popped onto the Warhammer Alliance forums to give a quick state of play about how things are with GOA right now:

Here’s our situation at the moment:

We’re working to move things up to the new schedule. We were working to a timetable that got suddenly changed and we’ll have to see what it is possible to do in the meantime.

The following things are definite however:

  • The EU open beta will start on time.
  • The EU account centre will open on time.
  • The EU live release and headstart will happen on time.
  • CE pre-orders for the EU will get everything they were promised. Mythic have announced extra bonuses and we will see what can be done for EU customers in response to that.

There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes in response to this announcement and we are trying very hard to make sure that EU players don’t miss out. As of right now we don’t have anything to announce, when we hear back from our various internal teams we’ll be letting everyone know what the situation is.

Finally one point. Many people seem to be under the impression that if we only had a working account centre then this wouldn’t be a problem. That isn’t the case. Adding 55k beta testers is not a trivial task. Our current datacentre is not big enough to handle that or the extra capacity needed for open beta. We are currently in the process of fitting out a brand new, dedicated datacentre which is going to be our open beta and live platform. Putting 9 million euros worth of server equipment in place is not something that just happens without careful planning and scheduling. The plans for that have it installed, tested and ready for open beta, we’re seeing if it’s possible to move that forwards but it’s mostly in the hands of our suppliers. As well as that, there are other logistical hurdles to be overcome, the account centre is a relatively minor part of the process.

So we’re still unsure of a couple of things, on all the main points (servers and open beta starting on time), things are looking good. GOA is trying to do what they can, and we need to wait and be patient and remember that these things were all ‘extras’, not expected when we pre-ordered the game.  And that we’re getting pretty good responses from GOA across the community sites.

Hrrm, wonder if it’s too late to petition for a bar of Warhammer chocolate to get added to my CE!


3 Responses

  1. I would like more solid informations other than just “will be up in time”. As the release date is known and official i would like to know what they planned. 😉 But any info is better then nothing..

    And why do you want a chocolate bar? I thought dwarfes are more into beer?! 😉

  2. First chocolate, then beer 🙂

    I think it’s really hard to give solid dates, cos if they miss them even by a few hours, they’re then subjected to a bunch of whining (some valid, some not so valid). And if I were then I wouldn’t be putting solid dates on much of it either.

    I hope we do hear more by the end of the week, enough so we’ll know who gets into closed beta, maybe how long open beta ‘should’ be, and when the web redesign or ability to input our codes will be ready.

  3. So the Open Beta, Head Start and Release will start on time. Funny, as those dates have probably been set in stone for a while now, but they have problems adapting to the new features. They blame Mythic, but I have trouble imagine that they weren’t consulted about all this.

    It will be interesting to see if they manage to give Closed Beta to CE, Preview Weekend and Open Beta to SE pre-orders.

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