Post-weekend reading

It’s a bit quiet this weekend, wonder why – but that gives me time for a proper stroll around the forums and fansites, where we get a lot of inspiration and get to see a really wide range of thoughts and ideas about the game. I’d definitely recommend branching out and checking some sites you’ve not checked before in the run up to release.

Thanks first, to Warhammer Conflict for allowing me to enjoy this: WoW Detox (don’t mock, we may all need it someday).

And after Warhammer Conflict, I stopped by Waaaghead, and decided I want a chicken run! Those in my guild (and server), beware! Ten Ton Hammer forums are also discussing chickens – it’s almost a meme!

Away from the forums, Ten Ton Hammer has a really interesting editorial going – will WAR succeed? They present a for and against argument and it takes an age-old discussion point and revitalises it. Take a look and see what you think.

Over at Chewing Pixels, Simon Parkin remarks on his Gamasutra article about Paul Barnett’s talk at Develop Brighton and Paul’s response to his article on Myspace. Paul drops by in the comments of the new piece and suggests further conversation.

Olympic link of the week is to a story you probably all have seen — Georgian and Russian athletes share an emotional embrace on the podium. You see stories like this, and remember why we make such a big fuss about the Olympic Games …

For an embrace of a different kind: A Funcom GM was sacked for cybering with Age of Conan player… you can read the details here and then decide if you want to go look at the transcript.

The Institute of Library and Museum Sciences has awarded a $250k-ish grant to the University of Texas’ School of Information Studies to study and investigate the collection and preservation of MMOs. Here’s an article about it from the professional journal, followed by some links that drew me to it from Kotaku and Game Culture.

Thallian is speculating about WAR’s impact. He actually is pretty positive about it, but cunningly expresses this in a gloomy way. A lot of sound thinking here though, which category do you fall into?

2 Responses

  1. Since I first heard of the chicken mechanic I’ve wanted a chicken run.

    One wonders if we could get a Swordsmaster in green armor dye to participate 😛

  2. […] Grant News » News News Post-weekend reading2008-08-12 00:46:08$250K-Ish preservation of MMOs. Here’s an article about it from the University […]

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