Another one slips through the NDA

It’s’s turn to cut a bloody swath^D^D^D (ED: this isn’t conan you know?), to escape from the confines of the NDA and tell us what they really thought of the WAR beta.

Go read it, I’ll wait.

Done? Right then, I am again impressed that like gamespy they have clearly spent some time playing the game and had time to think about both what they liked and what they didn’t. Like everyone else who has tried them, they loved the Public Quests (you will too) but they have also pointed out some of the downsides. They also have some comments to make on realm imbalances and how so much of the RvR action on the beta servers is concentrated on the Empire V Chaos realm.

We’ll no doubt hear much more about all of these things later, and speculate as to why this is the case and if it is likely to be true in live servers also. Anyway it was a good article, hope you like it as much as we did.

It’s both thoroughly and accessibly massive: you don’t need to join a guild or even a group to find yourself warring against or alongside dozens of other players. At this stage of the closed beta, it’s halfway to pulling it off: all it needs, we hope, is more players, to spread the war out across more fronts.


5 Responses

  1. I took the article seriously until I read this: “The Inevitable City looks fantastic, but it’s harder to imagine it feeling like an actual, organic home to its player inhabitants, as the likes of WOW’s Orgrimmar and Stormwind do so spectacularly well.”

    My friend summarized my feelings on it very well: “That line really makes no sense to me. I felt like [Orgrimmar] was an AH surrounded by bank alts.”

    Most of these new press-NDA-breaking articles all seem to come from people who have 1. Played WoW exclusively before WAR, and 2. Played WAR for only a few hours before writing this article.

    I want them to drop the damn NDA so some of our bloggers who’ve been in it from the freakin GO can tell us what THEY think. NDA MUST DIIIIIIIEE.

  2. See, I actually understand where he’s coming from with that but like you say, can’t say any more about it just yet.

  3. Wotcha Big Book of Grudges,

    Whilst I found some of the comments in the article insightful, some useful, and some comical, I think I found the comments page most interesting of all.

    I find it quite funny that so many people are willing to make such grand statements, without even having played the game. Even those in the Beta cannot comment on what the game will be like at launch, and later – they just have a better idea.

    Funniest of all are the comparisons with World of Warcraft. I can talk about what I like about World of Warcraft, what I find objectionable about World of Warcraft, and what I have not formed an opinion of within World of Warcraft. But for me to attempt to compare World of Warcraft and Warhammer Online would be like me attempting to compare the relative merits of Strawberries and Lamp Posts.

    Which is why, to me, the article was of most use when it was talking about how Warhammer Online would feel to play (and not the comparisons with any other MMO, never mind World of Warcraft). Those lovely people at GOA have put a wondrous amount of information on the interwebnet about what the game looks like, what you can do, and how it is organised. What I want to know is: How does it feel?

    And by reading between the lines, and remembering the fact that this is a closed Beta at the moment, the prognosis is good. Talk of seesawing lines, of landscape specifically created to make for fun combat, and use of the words “horribly” and “addictive” are always good to see.

    All too often, as evinced by the comments left, online gamers are a very negative bunch. They fall in love with their first MMO, and all other MMOs are like cheap tramps come to tempt them from their love. Or they just like moaning.

    I’d prefer to be a lot more positive, and articles such as this put a big fat tick in my Warhammer Online box.


  4. See, now we crashed their site :/

  5. I think that’s a pretty solid review.

    “They fall in love with their first MMO, and all other MMOs are like cheap tramps come to tempt them from their love.”


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