You may have noticed..

..but there’s a lot of news snippets here, and less kind of opiniony things. I’m sure many of you can guess why this is. Yes, we’re trying to get prepared for the NDA lift, whether it comes this week, next week, or whenever.

There’s still some general articles in the pipeline that don’t rely on in-game info, it’s just that there’s also a lot of news to get to grips with. Has anyone not been a little confused over the US or EU CB/OB/PW/SE etc etc? (even the acronyms get confusing!). That means whenever we spot a clarification, we want to share it. But like I said, we’re mostly going to focus in on what is happening for EU players.

So, we’ll write what we write, and carry on preparing in the background! In the meantime, here’s some general links plucked from our ‘in-progress’ links post:

Classygamer takes a look at the history of Warhammer Online’s development since it’s been with Mythic and concludes that the recent cuts actually still leave us with a ton more game than we could have had.

First pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal as the Prince of Persia have started to emerge. Thanks to Just Jared for this excuse to post shirtless male pics! And hey, because I’m feeling kind, here’s the new Lara Croft model.

Origin Museum Curator Joe Garrity and a team of dedicated fans have just completed their trawl through 1 terabyte of data held at Mythic. Sounds like they found some fun stuff!

3 Responses

  1. I actually like the “opiniony” stuff a lot. I can get news anywhere!

  2. Yay!

    We’ll have more of those really soon, just needs me to be less of a slacker and finish my articles.

  3. True, we’ll both write more (I do have opinions, honest)

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