beta leaks site suspended

The site spoken of only in whispers, or described as “type ‘beta leaks’ into google, you dork,” has been suspended. In a sense I wonder what took the MMO companies so long, but to be honest the legal status of an NDA is largely untested in any case. (When was the last time you heard of anyone being taken to court over breaking one?)

Beta leaks, love them or hate them? Either way, it’s definitely dodgy ground for a site to be encouraging other people to break an agreement they entered into in good faith. And presumably making money from advertising also. I’m sure it was a popular site and now that the flood gates have been opened, there will be others following where they led.

edited to add: Mark Jacobs made a few comments about this on the vault:

As far as EA having anything to do with it going away, that site hasn’t been a focus of mine for many, many months so I have no idea what happened.

Edited 15/8 to add: Update, looks like traffic issues


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  1. I do wonder what liability the site would have. The owners never signed an NDA (presumably). The NDA is a contract between the Company and person only. I do not see how a forum can get in trouble.

    I am guessing the mere threat of a lawsuit is enough as the site was likely not a very profitable venture.

  2. EA’s a big boy. These little blog sites scurry at the thought of the big bad hammer…and frankly, I don’t blame them.

    Kind of the same strat that McDonald’s has used for years to keep critics off their backs.

  3. Are we sure this isn’t just an unrelated technical issue?

    Even if not, I kind of expect it to be back in some guise before too long.

  4. I’m sure new ones will pop up soon. Some people just can’t wait patiently and just *has* to know stuff.

  5. I don’t think it’s a technical issue, because the URL you get when you link to it is “”, not a standard 404 page not found.

    I expect they’ll find another host if they can though, yeah.

  6. When in doubt, aim the laywerpedos at the ISP

  7. Hah, yea that’s true, Ardua. The contract you got with the ISP give them pretty much free hands to disconnect you just because they feel like. They probably don’t care what you are doing, but the moment they smell a lawsuit they will pull the cord.

  8. From a corporate lawyer’s perspective, I suspect NDAs for beta testers of containing a great deal of dazzle and very little substance. Since it’s not against the law to break a contract, the real reason not to do so is to avoid the consequences of being sued. The usual consequences of being sued are inconvenience and having to pay back the value of someone’s loss.

    It’s outside my specific field so I’d love to be corrected by someone who knows better, but I would think it quite difficult for a company to put a significant pounds and pence value to its loss from most NDA breaches, and even more difficult to prove that loss.

  9. probaably suspended due to bandwidth issues or EA asking the isp to take it down. They can just move it to another isp

  10. From the beta leakages I think atleast Warhammer got lots of free advertizing. Everything I heard from that site was done in good spirits.
    The basic hosting plan from lunarpages allows 15000 GB transfered / month. It’s quite a lot and I don’t know how much data moves through internet when browsing the forums. I don’t think it would’ve been enough that the page would’ve gone over 15000 GB. There were 1000 readers online normally.

  11. I admit to some lurking on this site. Most people though were interested in what WAR classes were overpowered at the current state of beta. That’s something that will likely change approaching release. So they didn’t really leak much that wasn’t public knowledge. Mark Jacobs says that beta leaks wasn’t targeted by Mythic and I believe him since most of the recent threads were very enthusiastic about the game.

    Maybe some other game company (such as Blizzard) were responsible for the demise?

  12. Betaleaks did more to sell me WAR than Mythic’s horrible screenshots and persisent NDA.

  13. well, the traffic issues seems to be whats gone wrong. Maybe its good news and they will come back asap.

  14. Elerias: Yup, just added an update about that.

  15. One thing that caught my notice was Mythic saying they cannot drop the NDA at the moment because there a 3 main bugs still to be fixed, presumably so bad they would put potential customers off the game.

    I read most of betaleaks and never saw anyone mentioning anything i would say was a deal breaker, there posts were informative info about classes, game play and rvr.

  16. Looks like it’s back up, with a slightly different focus:

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