Q&A with European Community Managers

David Petit, the Head Community Manager in Europe, has written an open letter on FH. He explains some of the pressures they are working under at the moment, not to mention dealing with 5 different language communities, and finishes by inviting people to submit their questions there to be answered by IainC and Magnus (the english language CMs).

To avoid all misunderstandings, for clarification of a situation or to obtain official information, I recommend to you therefore that you turn to the community manager dedicated to your language. He can reassure you as to the validity of any information or discuss the details.

He will read your contributions, heed your opinions and requests, so do not hesitate to ask him questions or to address him directly. He is here for you and for the regulars of this place.

In collaboration with the administrators of this forum, this thread will in future be dedicated to all your questions concerning GOA and the operation of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning in Europe. Iain Compton and Magnus Kjellstrom, the community managers for your community will answer your questions as quickly and clearly as possible.

edited to add: The same feedback thread is at Warhammer Alliance and we’re expecting to see it on other community sites also. We’ll add links as we find them, so you can pick your favourite.


4 Responses

  1. Finally we might actually get some information. Oh wait the CMs are out for the weekend… *snarky remark*

  2. Guys, I noticed you switched your RSS from showing the full article to just showing the first paragraph. May I advise against that? You probably want to feed readers to visit your site by only offering them a lure, but they’ll just simply unsubscribe from the feed. Many people read the feed at work, where some firewall prevents them from visiting the site itself.

    If you are worried about counting visitors, you can always count the feed readers using Feedburner.

  3. Thanks Tobold, have changed it back.. Was kind of fiddling with settings and didn’t actually pay attention to what the end result was.

    We decided very early on never to worry about counting visitors 🙂

  4. Because there are so many languages in Europe, we cant provide decent service for you even if you pay us more. Sorry guys, there is just no way.

    Thats how it sounds to me tbh.

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