The big PR public quest (and competition!!!)

Our group consists of:

  • Tanks: Mark Jacobs representing the USA/Oceanic guild
  • Hybrids: Iain C representing the EU guild (EU got their tank removed, so they need a hybrid)
  • Healers: James@Mythic representing the USA/Oceanic guild, Magnus representing the EU guild – they have some rudimentary crowd control abilities
  • DPS: Paul Barnett, Josh Drescher, Jeff Hickman, Carrie Gouskos representing the USA/Oceanic guild, Mark Jacobs representing the EU guild

Stage 1: PR gets rolling (the EU guild get to design their own stage of this public quest, if it goes well, they get additional contribution bonuses)

  • Announce new and surprising dates for inviting CE pre-orders into closed beta, not just open as planned
  • Announce that SE pre-orders will also get into headstart and open beta, but that CE pre-orders will also get a preview weekend
  • Announce that 50k SE pre-orders can also get into preview weekend alongside their CE pre-order buddies
  • Invite into closed beta, open code entry for preview weekend and open beta
  • Create a play-on-the-net game to drum up further interest

Stage 2: Unstoppable object trundles onto the scene

  • End closed beta with massive preview weekend
  • Drop the “NDA is lifted” cluster bomb
  • Release new trailer, new round of interviews
  • Open beta launches

Stage 3: Ka-boom!

  • Servers open on the same day worldwide, no crashes reported

Rewards (liable to change and representing different levels of contribution):

  • Good reviews throughout the press
  • 1 million subscribers (or more)
  • Fansites and forums happy with release
  • Good reviews in some of the press
  • 750k subscribers
  • Fansites and forums mostly happy with release
  • T-shirt
  • Dress-your-own Paul Barnett doll (Bright Wizard version)
  • Tin of catfood
  • Thread devoted to you on a forum of your choice

Don’t forget, everyone contributes and has the chance of a reward! And once complete you progress to a much bigger public quest – Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. 

NB: this really isn’t meant to upset anyone, I was just half-asleep and and made a passing comment that the pre-release stuff almost felt like a game in itself.

Competition Time!

On the issue of completely fabricated public quests and in the spirit of open competition – we, the authors of the blog, challenge you to come up with a public quest.

It can relate to anything at all (pop culture, gaming, day-to-day life). Email it in to us and the winner/s will get stuff from Games Day (or tins of cat food, as they desire). Can’t announce prizes, cos no idea what we’ll pick up!


3 Responses

  1. Clever! Cheeky! Brilliant! (Isn’t “brilliant” like a British phrase that all the Harry Potter kids use?)

  2. Don’t think I didn’t see that! I better go crank up Illustrator……….

    OMG…I just got an even better idea! Hehe!

  3. @ Syp – Indeed, along with ‘bloody brilliant’ when adults (and thanks)

    @ CoS – have you not realised yet that I live to make your life a pure and utter design hell? ;p

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