Me and my NDA…

Wotcha everyone,

I do believe that gaming NDAs are the work of the devil. They really are.

I can completely understand why companies want them. They want to protect their intellectual property from any circling industry wolves, whilst also controlling any idiots that declare a game “broken” before it’s even started Closed Beta.

And let’s face it, there are plenty of Internet Heroes who are desperate enough to become famous that they will make such pointless and self-serving declarations. I think they might be the interwebnet version of the plastic blondes who chase footballers…

But that still doesn’t change the fact that I’m labouring under the NDA. I’m allowed to say; “Yes, there is a beta. Yes, I’m in it”. And so what is the next question I’m asked? “Cool! What’s it like?”

And then I’m left looking like an objectionable child, chanting “Nya nya na nah na! I’ve got a secret!”

I’d rather not. Not only does it make me look more like a responsible adult (albeit chanting annoying things about having a secret) but it means that my mates see me as less of the coolly dangerous anti-hero they think I am. It’s bad for my reputation, honest.

It’s also bad for my soul. I really, really want to talk about Warhammer Online. And not so I can look like some Internet Hero, or get all evangelical about it, but so we can discuss it. So the community at large can talk about the bits they like, the bits they hate, and all the bits in between. So we can swap war stories whilst discussing what elements of gameplay work, and what needs improving.

People are naturally inquisitive. Especially when prompted. We get so many teasers from the nice advertising people on official websites, and magazines, and the larger online gaming sites through official leaks that it’s no wonder that places like Beta Leaks exist. But that’s just a reason, not an excuse for me to break an NDA.

Here’s to the NDA dropping.



4 Responses

  1. Or…
    Places like Beta Leaks gets shut down.

    I really wish the NDA would drop, but I am worried that all I will hear is all the “Fanboi” noise and nothing really sound or critical.

    Every site I go to is the same thing

    But, then we get things like AoC and the NDA never dropping. What kind of idiocy is that?

    I guess no matter how much you love or hate the game (since you keep talking about it, I wager you are in the “FAN” camp…), rules are rules.
    I am a betting man, and think Monday will be the big day though.
    Guess I better get ready…

    **Goes to hide from the rush of Fanboi blogging love smeared all over his screen

  2. Hi Hawley,

    Actually, I’m talking all about what the game is like in beta. All the scoop, all the secrets that are not being discussed can be found over here:

    . . . and a big change is coming for The War Corps. Soon. 😉

  3. Hi Hawley,

    While the world trembles under the weight of the NDA, I’m talking all about what the game is like in beta. True. All the scoop of how the game is, all the pros and cons are revealed at The War Corps.

    Look, someone had to do it. Might as well be me.

  4. Wotcha everyone,

    Openedge1 – I think Fanboi noise is just as valid as any other recommendation. After all, a lot of people started playing World of Warcraft because their mates told them how much fun they were having. And without that, Online gaming would still be a niche part of computer gaming in general, one that the really sad geeks played. Now, we’re as cool as the FPS players… And isn’t it fantastic that in our seemingly jaded and insouciant times, people *can* get excited enough about something to get on the net and want to talk about it?

    It’s not as if I can be a balanced reviewer anyway. I’m biased. And I’d rather be honest about that, so you know where I’m coming from, than pretend to be balanced and potentially mislead anyone into a game they might not enjoy. There will soon be plenty of professional and amateur reviews out there anyway…

    Singlemalt – I suppose it boils down to a matter of respect, for me. Yes, the NDA is a daft bit of legalese, and I think that EA have better things to do than to start getting all medievally-letigious at any blogs breaking it. However, the nice people at GOA have shown me the respect of allowing me to test, and therefore play, their baby. I am the sort of person that feels I have to return that respect. Don’t get me wrong – if I was to say what you were doing is wrong, it would be going too far even for my hypocrisy. 😉


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