Whatever happened to beta leaks pt 2

Ruinx at WHA has a theory about the beta leaks site. He reckons that it was overloaded by traffic, not affected by any legal action. This is borne out by the current placeholder which mentions high traffic volume and that they’ll be back when they sort out some more bandwidth.

As to why more traffic recently, ponder if you will the dilemma of thousands of new people invited to test the closed beta under NDA, but not having access to any forum on which to discuss it. Even innocent issues like technical problems they have with the downloader. The NDA says explicitly that nothing should be discussed even on private forums. So really, where can people go to find this information?

We’re in the guild beta and we had similar issues with where to discuss things with our guild. If we hadn’t had access to a beta forum where GOA let us set up guild threads, we would have been casting around for alternatives too, and all with no desire at all to annoy the devs.

The answer is beta leaks. A site which shrugs off NDAs and just lets people talk about all this stuff. The NDA is directly responsible for the popularity of the site, so in a sense Mythic probably did take it down.

And as anyone who was reading it will know, the feedback on WAR had been getting a lot more popular and positive lately. I’m seeing leaks all over the place now, on blogs, forums where people haven’t read the NDA carefully, and we’ll see more. Plus of course the sites which have permission to break NDA. The NDA at this point can’t be kept, thousands more have now seen the beta and want to talk about it, and have no other place to do it.

It doesn’t matter what MJ and the crew are waiting for, they should just drop it while there is anything left to drop đŸ˜› All that happens is that the testers who have played the game longer are not able to correct any incorrect assumptions or comments that other leakers make!


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  1. I’m hoping and thinking it’s Monday, but unless something goes horridly wrong I’m sure it will be next week. MJ said as much on Warhammer Alliance yesterday. Well, he said “I really want to lift it next week.”

    As much as its bugging me not to talk about my experiences in WAR, I still wish all the beta testers could act like honorable adults and keep their word.

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