Chipping at the NDA

I love exploring, many of the people I regularly game with love exploring. I’m fairly sure Spinks and Hawley do too. In fact, we’re the kind of players that like to see as much as we can. So we were delighted with the most recent article on Gamespot UK about lairs:

These will be out-of-the-way areas where exceptionally powerful and rare foes hide out of plain sight and guard exceptionally powerful loot.

One of the things I remember reading a long long time ago about Warhammer Online was that there would be all sort of cool places to discover, with puzzle locks and stuff. I’d forgotten about all that until I read this article again and now I’m really excited about it all over again. Continuing on the puzzle theme:

none of the game’s lairs will have any kind of duplicate content or puzzles, so there will be no one-size-fits-all solution to unlock all of them.

It’s nice to see that in an RvR-focussed game, there is still some PvE candy for players to enjoy when they want a different pace. I hope to discover and conquer as many lairs as possible!

In other news, Ten Ton Hammer has a short write-up of Mount Bloodhorn and the Greenskin starter area.  We haven’t been linking to every little bit of news coming out, but this one is well-written, amusing and takes you through some of the things you get to do when first emerging into the game on the Greenskin side.

Meanwhile, Massively continues it’s slightly sterile overview of the elves of WAR. They’re going through the spells/skills you get from 1-5 and then 6-10. I’m not really reading them, because hrrm.. I can generally wait to read spell descriptions (plus yeah, am in the beta as Spinks just pointed out to me, so I don’t need to). However, over at Player vs Developer I was alerted to one comment in a Massively guide that’s a little naughty. It comes in the Archmage 1-5 guide and says:

Just drop a DoT (or two) on every single mob in the PQ area. If there are enough people there, all mobs will die too quickly to even take a swipe at you. With your ability to DoT multiple mobs, your total damage output for the PQ will at or near the top.

Sigh. Please note – they say ‘if there are enough people there’. This may not be the best solo tactic! And this may not hold for every public quest you come across. And hey, don’t forget you can heal too.


7 Responses

  1. LOL, “slightly sterile” must be the understatement of the year. I’m very keen to believe all the bloggers who argue that Warhamster isn’t going to be “just another WoW” but when I read those Massively posts, well… let’s just say that doubts set in…

  2. I wonder what it is about Massively.

    Is it a case that they had enthusiastic well written posts and the NDA choke held them to keep some details back?

    Or are they just going through the motions, devoid of interest, but unwilling to let a “scoop” by.

    Bit odd given their original Road to War stuff was entertaining.

  3. Gamespy and TTH managed to inject some personality into their summaries, which are also fairly basic but at least got across a sense that they’d enjoyed it as well as writing down everything they saw.

    I think it might be a case of Massively trying to get all the factual info across and lost track of the interest factor.

  4. Massively’s coverage isn’t entirely useless. I haven’t been following the closed beta news closely enough to know exactly how individual classes work (why bother until things are close to final?), and it’s interesting to get even a superficial version of “these are your abilities, this is how we’re trying to get you to heal instead of just nuking” etc, especially when it’s side by side information for a third of the classes in the game.

    In the case of this particular advice (which they have repeated for the Shadow Warrior’s ranged DOT), I really wish they’d taken the time to think more about what they’re saying. They’ve identified something that really deserves either more or less comment (depending on whether their information accurately reflects the way the game will be when it launches).

    This is also why it would be better to lift the bleeping NDA. We’re at the one month from launch point now, and whatever benefits Mythic is hoping to get from improved polish are being dwarfed by the benefits they’re LOSING by continuing to gag their most loyal fans, while allowing questionably competent major gaming sites to be the ones selling (or not) the game.

  5. After this weekend, I’ll have a little something to say about PQ’s and the Dark Elf Sorceror once the NDA drops. *grumble* Similar to what Massively is saying but worse.

  6. I want to comment on Massively sooo much that it is driving me BIPPY. grrrrr… grrr… grr.


  7. I know, I find it very frustrating that we can’t give our thoughts on it. And by the time we can, well.. a ton of people will have read it.

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