Open beta dated

Massively is reporting that the North American open beta will be 7th September, but it also says that’s one week before game release on 16th September. Make of it what you will, thought I’d put a quick note up – I assume we’ll hear more soon.

Edit: The information came from this press release which mentions the 7th September date but specifically also mentions the release date of 18th September – so it’s official folks, 7th September for open beta. And since we all know the EU will receive the same service, let’s assume that’s a worldwide date. In fact, as Hawley just pointed out to me, EA’s European sale page states 7th September at the open beta date.


9 Responses

  1. Shenanigans!

    They’re just getting daft now. They also leave no room for the Headstart in that “news”

  2. Sounds wacky to me.

    There’s no source, well, their source doesn’t back them up. The WAR site hasn’t changed as far as I could tell.

  3. Have updated with a possible source, the EA investor site. EA really are breaking all the news ;p

  4. That is surprisingly short. If I wasn’t in closed beta, I would be quite disappointed. I guess Preview weekend will be ~ Aug 30.

  5. I was expecting a relatively short open beta, to be honest, and LotRO had a short one and has done fine by it. I think it’s not a terrible idea. Gives you a chance to get to know enough about the game, but not to get so attached you get upset when they wipe the chars.

  6. […] Book of Grudges and Massively comes word of an official EA press release saying that Open Beta begins September […]

  7. While earlier I was saying how nice time differences are for certain things, this case shows how difficult it can be.

    Mythics account management goes from 11am to 8pm EST. Odd hours? Not so on the west coast.

    GOA has the problem that at 5pm, home time, Mythic is just getting to work at 9am.

    So EA have broken the news because they’re only five hours behind Europe but still 3 ahead of the Mythic lads.

    Expect confusion and catch up rushes later.

  8. Looks like I’m not going to have long in open beta. Oh well.

    Now all we need are the dates for the head start.

    Oh, and for them to lift the NDA.

  9. […] haven’t confirmed it, it’s just on Massively with little, and other blog posts (such as here and here) point to Massively with a collective shoulder shrug of “We GUESS that’s […]

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