UK monthly prices reduced

Ok, all go over to Rock, Paper, Shotgun and express your delight and hearty thanks. The UK pricing of Warhammer has been reduced possibly because the writers there queried it:

Meanwhile, you might remember our confusion over the pricing for the UK subs rates on the game. At the time they were announced, the one month price was £10.31, which struck us as odd. We enquired, and have now been told they’re lower. 

It seemed wrong for a couple of reasons. Firstly, because out-pricing WoW seemed like a ludicrous business idea, and secondly, because it looked like it was based on that day’s exchange rate for the Euro. Which would be an odd way to go about things. We enquired, and were first told that this was correct. We enquired with our eyebrows more arched, and were told it was being reviewed. So I’m pleased to say those prices have come down. Pleased, and taking all the credit.

The new pricing structure for WAR will be:

£8.99 per month

£25.17 for 3 months

£46.14 for 6 months

Edit: if these do turn out to be wrong, or the pre-VAT prices, I’ll update and apologise – honest!


9 Responses

  1. […] monthly prices reduced Hurrah, the prices have been reduced. Wrote it up for the blog but you can also go straight to Rock, Paper, Shotgun and read the story there. __________________ […]

  2. Thats good news, I was surprised when we were paying so much more than our EU brothers and NA estranged thrice removed in-laws.

  3. Great news for our friends across the pond!

  4. Ok – I didn’t notice they were different from WoW but I’m glad they aren’t anymore!

  5. Nice, that looks a bit better.

  6. Would like to see some official confirmation of this 🙂

    Would have expected more a drop to 9.99 (from 10.31) rather than 8.99…

  7. Agreed, would be nice to have the official confirmation, though overall I kind of trust RPS. But there is a chance I’ll have to apologise for this ;p

  8. Looks like they are using one year old exchange rates…

  9. […] ‘new’ prices confirmed Posted on August 26, 2008 by arbitrary So, we’ve obviously been following the Rock, Paper, Shotgun story about reduced UK pricing (£8.99 per month, £25.17 […]

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