Ding dong! The Witch is… umm… temporarily indisposed?

Wotcha everyone,

It’s just gone 9pm, and here I am feeling somewhat confused.  Because I can get a tad obsessive, and because I’ve been waiting for the NDA release, I’ve been sat watching the various boards to see when the NDA was lifted.  I have some particularly geeky hobbies that will allow me to be productive whilst still pressing F5 every so often.

Imagine my joy when, about 8:40ish this evening, the Mythic website was updated with the news that “Ding dong, the witch is dead”.

Then, just as I’m chatting to Arbitrary, and we’re ready to publish, we find out that we’re possibly breaking the NDA.  Yes, the Wicked Witch of the NDA had stopped melting, and got better.

“As of now, the Non Disclosure portions of our Beta Testing Agreement is now officially lifted.”

had become:

“As of now, the Non Disclosure portions of our North American Beta Testing Agreement is now officially lifted.”

So I’m left wondering what has gone on here.  I’m wondering why, in this day of the interwebnet, where information respects no borders, we have a lifting of an NDA in one region, yet not another.  Why is it necessary that the words “North” and “America” be added?  Are Mythic not allowed to release the EU beta testers from the NDA?  And whilst I respect the employees of GOA, and wish them happy restfulness during their evenings and weekends off, surely it’s possible in this day and age to have a news release ready to go, that one man with a pda phone can fire off in two shakes of a duck’s tail?  I’ve seen it done with my own two eyes, so I know it’s possible.

We’ve been sat here checking our postings to make sure we’re not breaking the NDA.  We’ve chosen not to play fast and loose with the NDA, and we’ve been careful not to break it accidentally.  So to have this happen at the last minute is more than a little frustrating.  It’s only because we were double-checking the situation that we spotted it in time.

I have no problem waiting for tomorrow morning to publish our Beta opinions.  And I’m sure I shall look back on this a week from now and wince at my pettiness.  But I really, really hope that this is the last time we get a situation like this.



4 Responses

  1. Respect to you guys in your careful application of the NDA – even under these challanging conditions!

    I can only imagine how difficult it has been to write posts over the last few weeks and say nothing revealing, and now this.

    I know its only a day, but it adds to that niggling concern in my stomach that we might not have as easy a ride over the first few weeks of launch as our NA cousins.

    Lets hope GOA get some better lovin’ from Mythic on the marketing/communication front from now on.

    Eagerly awaiting your deluge of NDA free posts 🙂

  2. The witch is actually dead!

    NDA down, looking forward to hearing your views. =)

  3. Thanks Pik!

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