How to annoy people


The NDA portion our North American Beta Testing Agreement has been lifted. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

Europe’s NDA will be officially lifted tomorrow.


I really (of course) have nothing more to say. You can go read it over at the Vault boards.

Yes, I could have pretended not to have read this and posted our stuff anyway, but what the hell, you all have enough to read tonight. I wasn’t happy when Mythic dropped GOA in it by announcing additional benefits for US CE pre-orders. I’m not ecstatic by the way this has been handled. Especially as the original announcement on the Herald didn’t mention North America specifically.

But I’ll live.  And Spinks and Hawley will be posting stuff tomorrow, as I’ll be having a pleasant day at work without any use of F5 whatsoever.


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  1. Dude, I’m sorry, that’s really really low of them. Looking forward to reading your stuff!

  2. That’s a bit worse than rubbishy of them and kind of proves a point if anything. It seems very ill-spirited

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  4. Aye, it’s really rubbish. And totally unexpected also, which makes it worse.

  5. There does seem to be a massive communication issue. It’s a little unsettling given what they’re trying to achieve.
    Here’s hoping for the mother of all excuses/saves by GOA

  6. Well over at WHA one beta tester mentioned the below. I have no idea whther this is true – but EU players have been waiting all day for the NDA list and the promised news from GOA and we get neither –

    I cannot wait for GOA to get their new centre in Dublin running at 100%, lets hope they and Mythic can improve the EU playerbase perception going forward

    from WHA

    “I can tell you why the NDA for europe stays for 12 more hours…

    US players had a great beta experience…

    EU players had a bad beta experience as their version was allways well behind the US version, and their servers where less stable…Mythic could answer and help US players with their problems, while Mythic never cared to help the european players.

    So they want the positives about the great US beta to speak out, while still silencing the negatives from the EU beta testers.

    Anyone that has read certain sites in the past few weeks knows where i am talking about.

    Now i am not saying that the negative sounds from the european community are righteous to the game, as i am certain that this is the best MMO ever. But still those sounds are true…

    But i don’t blame it on GOA… as they are trying… but i all blame it on Mythic, they must be treating GOA like a subcontractor instead of an equall partner… was one DAoC not enough?

    I am sorry i don’t wanna be a doomsayer, but it hurts me every day to see that being an American gives a huge advantage for Warhammer online…”

  7. That’s bizarre.

  8. If what Gewyne says is true, it fills me with dread.

  9. I think it’s down to some bad coordination with the announcement of the NDA lift. I feel bad that GOA had to post it well after office hours and didn’t get to post at the same time as the US. I think it’s not down to GOA’s service, but more to do with coordination and communication. As Hawley’s post shows, the American post was altered to add the ‘North American’ in afterwards. I don’t think GOA would have minded if the worldwide NDA had been lifted at the same time.

    Some people said to me that they thought perhaps Mythic were trying to be courteous by allowing GOA to drop the NDA themselves. I don’t think it’s all that courteous when they’re bound to get flak for it in the meantime.

    As for the beta experiences thing..

    I had the expectation that when the game is released I will have the same service and quality of game as my US friends.

    In beta, I don’t have that expectation. The majority of feedback can be gained solely by the US testers, so I’d expect Mythic to have a closer relationship to them. I guess a European beta is more of a PR thing, as well as allowing some additional testing of GOA’s servers and stuff.

    As long as announcements can be coordinated better and the game I play is stable, fun and the same as the one in the US on every level, I won’t complain.

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