What we did in closed beta. And chickens!

As you know, we weren’t in the beta that long, but we managed to level chars to late teens and also try out quite a few alts and stuff. We also played some rank 31 templated characters, which is why you’ll see things jump from Tier 2 to Tier 4 (I’ve abbreviated to T1-4)

I think it’s safe to say we all enjoyed the game and found the characters we’ll be playing as mains. I’ll be twirling a staff as the Rune Priest, Spinks will be looking pretty while creating a light show as an Archmage and Hawley will be both righteous and full of fury as a Warrior Priest. Yes, we all picked healers. It was likely to happen anyway and will in some ways shape what we post about.

We’d be happy, to answer questions on any of these things. And will no doubt be writing more about them later.

Here’s the main things we did, very much summarised and introduced by our chickens:


  • Played Archmage, Ironbreaker, Engineer, Warrior Priest, Magus
  • Quested in T1/T2 Elf, T2 Empire
  • Lots of PQs across all areas visited
  • T1 Scenarios (Elf/Empire)
  • T2 Scenarios (Empire)
  • T4 Scenarios (Empire)
  • Did open field RvR, mostly T4 in Praag, but also some T2
  • Helped in keep takes
  • Bought white pony
  • Fell off high things a lot
  • Checked Empire/Elf starting zones for cool tome unlocks


  • Played Rune Priest, Warrior Priest, Witch Hunter, Archmage, Shaman, Zealot, Swordmaster
  • Quested T1 Dwarf/Empire, T2 Dwarf
  • Lots of PQs across all areas visited
  • T1 Scenarios (Dwarf/Empire)
  • T2 Scenarios (Empire)
  • T4 Scenarios (Elf/Empire)
  • Did open field RvR (T1 and T4, mainly for objectives)
  • Bought gyro-harness
  • Fell off everything a lot
  • Checked out Dwarf starting area for cool tome unlocks


  • Played Warrior Priest, Archmage, Engineer and Witch Hunter
  • Quested T1/T2 Empire, T1 Elf, and T1 Dwarf
  • Lots of PQs across all areas
  • T1 Scenarios (Empire/Elf)
  • T2 Scenarios (Empire/Elf)
  • Tier 1 and Tier 4 Open RvR. Did a lot of keep defense in T4
  • Bought brown horse. Put brown horse on diet
  • Usually fell off high things whilst filling in feedback forms
  • Was slow to realise the potential of the Tome of Knowledge
  • Got lost a lot, especially in caves


  • Formed guild
  • Got to rank 8.5, nearly to banner design! (they there was a wipe for T4 testing)
  • Chaos night – all made rank 1 Chaos chars and went to do PQs
  • Tested calendar
  • Tested player notes

5 Responses

  1. Hey guys , been keeping up with your blogs the last couple of weeks and been enjoying your balanced views on the state of War.

    Main question i have is about the 2 different server setups that are due to be playable on release, core and open. Did you guys have a chance to try these different versions ? What do you think will be more suited to how War works ect ? Any info would be great, even if you didnt get to try them, your opinions of how they will pan out as you see it .

    I’ve picked out the RunePriest as the first char to try out as my main when the game is live, a detailed review of this char, with strength and weakness’s would be great.


  2. Hey Prankster. In beta we only had one server and it was with a core ruleset. So no idea yet what GOA (or Mythic but that doesn’t affect us so much) are planning for different server types, but we haven’t had a chance to test any.

    I think Core works fine. We never had any issues finding RvR when we felt like it. I think we all prefer the Core ruleset anyway due to having more choices about when to engage in RvR.

    The main issue with an Open ruleset is going to be how the chicken mechanic is implemented. I know Keen wrote about this in more detail but if it goes live as similar to Open but with everyone flagged for PvP all the time, then you would never be able to go back to a lower level tier without being chickenised. Now, you don’t actually NEED to go back to lower level tiers, it’s not like WoW where you keep getting more quests there. But it is a restriction for explorers. Since we haven’t had a live Open ruleset to try out, we don’t know if this is actually how they plan to do it though,

  3. great line of posts 😀 I enjoy the reads!!

  4. I actually got chickenized in a scenario! I was carrying ship supplies back to my based and accidentally ran out of bounds. The UI called me a WIMP and I had to spend the remainder of it in chicken form!

    It actually rocked though because hardly anyone paid attention to me and I still had access to all my abilities so I pwned it up! 😉

  5. Haha, I didn’t know you could do that! I got chickenized when I was helping some guildies with a lower level PQ and it happened to be right next to the local RvR zone …

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