While waiting…

Magnus and Iain (English CMs) have been busy since the weekend ended, answering more of the submitted questions, among other things, no doubt!

The answers appear on several forums and we’re still waiting for the ones they needed higher authorisation to answer, but first of all Magnus stopped by to clear a few things up on weekend service from GOA as well as running the gauntlet on the ‘can you guarantee that all patches, upgrades and expansions will go as smoothly as Mythic’s?’ question. (As Freddy’s has gone down right now, here’s the link to the same answers on WHA)

Iain got to answer the gentler set of questions which include info on his favourite T-shirt, how many WAR sites he reads, how big the CM team is and his favourite in-game moment.


4 Responses

  1. Arb,
    I’ve written a 4 page long review of the sorceress. If you want, I would be happy to give this to you to cut up/re-publish as you please. Leave me a message on our website linked to my name or email me if you are interested.

  2. Iain still didn’t answer about many other GOA issues.
    Why Americans get all the bonuses and European gets none ?
    When will be our preview weekend ?
    Why the European site never gets update ?
    Why Americans have open beta center running and kicking with download links while the European don’t ?

    So many open questions and no answers.
    BTW, the admins of warhammeralliance closed the thread.
    Every time people write criticism about GOA in warhammeralliance the admins will close the thread.

  3. I they closed the thread and said they’d open a new one with the answers, though – or that’s what I seem to remember.

    And Iain and Magnus both said they would reply to further questions after checking with their superiors. I don’t have a problem with that, to be honest.

  4. I find it a big joke that Iain and Magnus needs “ok” for every move they do and how they hide information about the European version.
    Maybe it was mistake to buy the European version and not the American version.

    GOA was a joke back in DAoC days with endless problems, I afraid it will be the case again.

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