Beware ye, the barrels of Altdorf!

Wotcha everyone,

Remember Diablo? I never got hugely into it, as it was more of a beer and popcorn sort of game for me, but I did play a bit. And one of the fun things I found was the joy of barrel recognition.

Yes, those lovely barrels. You hit them, and stuff happened. Some were Barrels of Boom! which exploded. Some were Barrels of Trez, which poured forth a lovely pile of trez for you to pick up. But if you were lucky, you got the best of all. The Barrel of Trez and XP. You hit it, and a skeleton fell out and attacked you! Brilliant! You got a bit of xp for killing him, and he dropped cash as well. It was the best of all worlds. I do believe that the Barrel of Trez and XP is the one thing I miss from Diablo. All games should have them…

So, here I am. It’s Closed Beta, and I’m level 11. Feeling on top of the world, I can tell you. I decide I’m going to Altdorf, to have a looky, and see what the place is like.

And promptly felt like a tourist. Boy, did the place look good. I’ve been impressed by three online cities. Mos Eisley in Star Wars Galaxies, Undercity in World of Warcraft, and Altdorf. All three made my jaw drop, and just want to run around the place exploring. So I did, generally gibbering at the loveliness of it all.

But then, what do I espy? It is a barrel, and it’s shaking… Hmm. So, I take a moment to ponder the chances of a barrel getting a bad dose of the shakes., and suddenly I realise what must be happening! It is a Barrel of Trez and XP!

With my trusty hammer, I prepare myself for combat, and utter a quick prayer to Sigmar.

Umm. No. I just wellied in there, looking for my skeleton with a pocketful of loose change.

And got a skaven. Which promptly introduced me to my own lower intestines. Little sneak was level 20…

There is a now a new type of barrel. The Barrel of Painy Hubris. Thanks, Mythic.




6 Responses

  1. It’s funny you say this because I was playing Diablo 2 earlier today and it’s so true! I love kicking barrels in. There’s a simple pleasure in causing pointless destruction ….

    Nice one on the skaven though 🙂

  2. Haha. I did the exact same thing. I will have my revenge! (Eventually… after some more levels…)

  3. Yip, those barrels are suspcious. Now I’m biding my time. As soon as I hit lv20, I will SCOUR ALTDORF OF VERMINS. And muggers. And rats. And that interesting public quest I found in a back alley house in the wealthy neighborhood. Oh, that place looks fun.

  4. I did the same thing, a LOT. Mainly cos the first skaven I found was a measly level 7 and got hit hard with my staff of hitting. Then the next one was… harder and I ran as fast as my little legs could take me.

  5. There are two types of barrels that I’ve seen..the ones on the docks pop lvl 20 rats, ones not on the waterfront in the slums dump lvl 10 skaven. I believe they’re even named differently, but the exact titles elude me at the moment. Suspicious and curious, maybe?

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