No preview weekend for EU, and announcements on closed/open beta access

Magnus has given some official GOAfied answers to EU pre-order customer questions.

Will CE Pre-Order customers gain an extended head-start?
Yes. The final dates are almost but not quite set in stone. For certain, though, CE pre-order customers will have a somewhat longer Head Start than SE pre-order customers.

Will EU SE pre-order customers get into WAR Open Beta?
No. This was a solution well suited for the American market, but less so Europe. With more diverse demographics, we have opted for a solution where we will be giving away 55 000 Open Beta keys through the EA Store and other community sites.

Will EU CE pre-order customers get into WAR Closed Beta?
No. When the Collector Edition pre-order program was designed last autumn, we decided to include Open Beta access as a bonus and we are sticking with this. Naturally, neither will SE pre-order customers.

Will there be a European Preview Weekend?
No. When the Preview Weekend was announced we were frankly caught by the bed. Our schedule leading up to Open Beta and Launch have included large scale testing all along, and a Preview Weekend event of sorts was never part of this plan. In the end, making such large scale changes with such short notice proved unrealistic.


4 Responses

  1. Thats a little disappointing to learn about no headstart but it still means we all will start at the sametime.

    Here’s something to enjoy now tho :

  2. Prankster, thanks for the link. That cinematic is awesome!

    As far as the announcements go, I think GOA is still sticking with their original plan. And I don’t see why anyone would feel too hard done by. They’re still getting what they thought they would get when they made their pre-orders. I’d rather they made decisions based on what they felt they could reasonably deliver.

    And there will still be 55k spots for open beta from various websites.

  3. Certainly is the better route. Deliver what you had planned rather than try copy/one up Mythic and possibly balls it all up.

  4. So, they’re delivering exactly what they promised. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Wow, whoda thunkit? 😉

    Nice to have it confirmed though.

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