August Newsletter! Film! How to get into open beta!

  • Open beta dates and sign-ups (starting the first week in September visit the EA Store in the first and sign up for one of their limited slots) NB. EU ONLY
  • 60-day pre-paid game cards will be available
  • New game trailer released – follow a Warrior Priest and his force to the gates of a Keep to attack it. Lots of Archmage-y goodness, plus some gyro-harnesses!
  • Pre-order program details (EU version)
  • Digging into Dungeons – Lost Vale
  • Scenarios 101: Thunder Valley and Logrin Forge
  • Career Mastery Updates – Engineer and Black Orc
  • Production video podcast – Outtakes
  • Fan video (shows off Altdorf and a Witch Hunter/Warrior Priest combo)
  • Concept art, fan art
  • Meet the developers – Jyun and Russell Chamier
  • Community Spotlight – UpToWar
  • Coming next month – game release (I had to add this, it made me laugh)

One Response

  1. Lol, I haven’t even looked at this bloody thing yet! Toooooo bussssssyyyyy! đŸ˜›

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