Confessions of a Cheerleader

I love my Rune Priest. It really does feel like Mythic managed to make a class that hit all the things I like about playing a healer. I get to buff, I get to heal, I even get to do a little damage and hit things with a big staff. Sometimes I twirl my staff and it’s all glowy and pretty. Then I feel like a proper cheerleader! Save the cheerleader…

No, I’m not going to write about why I personally love the Rune Priest. Accept it, I just do. I get to be short, stout, with big braids I’d never have in real life. I get to hit things, to buff things, to zap things and well.. to heal – which is all I ever really wanted from a class. Even the rune dress/robe (when you first get one) is pretty damn cute. I hate dresses, but I would even wear one of those in real life. Not the skullcap though, it ruined my whole braidy look. Bah!

I played one to rank 17 and then one at rank 31 in beta, and both times I just felt at home with the class. It has a nice mix of heals (HoT, fast low heal, longer big heal, bouncy heal), some decent damage (including a couple of AE spells), cool rune buffs and some nice utility bits and pieces, such as an AE knockback which is hilarious in RvR and useful in PvE.

Nothing I discovered in beta changed my mind once I fell in love with the class. It’s perfect for me. I can stand where I want and either concentrate on healing, or add to the overall damage the group is doing. I can berate and nag my groupmates to use the runes I put on them – hrrm, you need an explanation? Ok, think of a rune as a buff with a trigger-able aspect. So I can buff your Strength and Intellect and then every so often, if you click on the buff, you get to do some extra free dps that doesn’t cost Action Points. Master Runes, which are gained via masteries are ground runes, which have an AE effect – I found them pretty useful and used the healing one when me ad my over-powered group were bopping skaven on the heads in the Altdorf sewers, meant I could join in the fight while the pulsing rune kept my group topped up! (of course, if we hadn’t have been so over-powered I would have needed to do some additional healing)

I also mentioned the bouncy heal back at my basic run-down. It’s quite cute. You heal someone and then the heal bounces around healing others nearby. It’s not the most useful heal in the Rune Priest arsenal, but it’s one that I was excited to get and read the description of. Because it was a bit different, not just a single heal or normal group heal. Both of which the Rune Priest has too.

Should you make one?

No idea! Do you like being a dwarf with a neat gyro-harness and dangling legs, and some nifty staff-twirling animations? Then it might be for you. It’s a healer sans mechanic, which means it may be seen by some as a little bit less interesting, but I didn’t find myself bored with it (and I have been bored by healing classes, honest – that’s why I usually play a hybrid).

We’re not as sparkly-pretty as the Archmage, nor can we do their damage. We’re not as furiously righteous as the baldies Warrior Priests, but when it comes to being short, round, and bouncing along the ground – we have it covered.

The class will, by now, already have many guides to it. I’m sure they’ll dissect the masteries and skills quite adequately – if you like numbers and have crunchy teeth, then you’ll happily pour over them and will be able to feed back some info to me. I’m terrible with numbers and I get a little funny about reading descriptions too closely.

I’m happy to answer any questions I can about my time as a Rune Priest, but I really did try and save some things for retail – including detailed opinions on every skill and mastery, until I’ve really played with them a lot.


14 Responses

  1. Er.. do you say ‘bollocks’ when you hit things/things hit you?

  2. Ha ha, I say all manner of things if something hits me. Oh, you mean the Rune Priest? Well, one of my favourite moments was when I turned to my husband and said ‘did I just say ‘bastard”? I say ‘bastard’ a lot! Both in reality and as a Rune Priest.

  3. Bastard or Bollocks – it’s going to be a tough choice…

  4. Oh, is it ‘bastard’? We thought he said ‘pasties!’ and couldn’t figure it out.

  5. I did get upset when an NPC said ‘yer locks look lank’ which is now my tongue-twister of choice.

    I know we had some funny mis-hearings in T2 Empire though.. will have to ask husband what they ACTUALLY said but was the ones that go ‘tawl’s teeth’ or whatever

  6. Well it’s possible that that was right. There’s the god Taal isn’t there? Some bigwig wood God.

    But a Dwarf calling folks bastards? Runepriests, I love you a little more each day.

  7. Ah ,maybe that’s it. He was saying ‘Taal’s teeth’ but me and my husband thought he was saying ‘Charles’ teeth’ anyway, they say it a LOT!

  8. Thank you for this post..

    Now you’ve made it harder for me..
    Will i play Runepriest or Shaman? 😉

    I have no idea.. both are really short and maybe bouncy 😉

  9. I got two questions about buffs for yah.

    Can you cast multiple runes on the same player or does it work like blessings in WoW?

    How long do they last?

  10. Well, the shamans /special is much cooler than the Rune Priests zizlak… plus you have to see if you like the Gork/Mork mechanic. I actually played a Shaman a little too, I prefer the Rune Priest because I didn’t feel as home with the mechanic as Spinks did with her Archmage.

    1 rune per player, thrstn. They last an hour and the abilities they unlock can be used every minute, I believe.

    Master Runes is one per Rune Priest.

  11. Thx alot for this overview, without any spoilers. A quesion i have is about masteries, seems the RP along with others have 3 masteries they can attain. Can you only ever master 1 of the tiers ? or can you doubleback on yourself and try a different path ?


  12. Im going to guess that there is a respecialization option available allowing you to go back and master others. I’m not sure myself.
    My problem is where to spend the points.
    There are 15 points in each path, each skill unlocked Im told costs a point. So to completely spec out one path, you’d have spent I think 22 of the 25 available (at level 40) points.

  13. Wotcha everyone,

    I’d be amazed if there isn’t a respecialisation option, probably costing money, at launch. It’s simple enough to respecialise now, after all.

    Mastery is a really simple, fast procedure. Paying for a “rank” in a mastery improves the associated skills. You might get better heals, better damage, or whatever. When you have enough ranks of mastery in a tier, you get the *option* to buy a skill, talent, or morale ability for a further mastery point. Generally, these abilities are very nice indeed.

    It’s fast, simple, and “clean”. If you’re the sort of person who enjoys agonising for hours over your talent trees, eking out every point in a min-maxing frenzy, then this really isn’t for you.

    If you’re like me, and don’t see talents as a mini-game, you’ll appreciate that the system is simple, yet powerful. You don’t *have* to buy the extra abilities. And the simplicity means you can get the sorted, and get playing very quickly.


  14. I think it’s designed so you can only max one path and to do so means you can’t get as much as the others. In the beta we’ve been able to respec for free, so I’ve messed around with quite a few of them, but still haven’t decided how I’ll spend the points. I think the Rune Priest has 3 really nice mastery trees.

    As Hawley says you can buy ‘overall’ mastery without the special skills. Each tree supplements around 5 spells/abilities just by adding mastery.

    I leave it to the number-crunchers to work out the min-maxing potential here. I went with some very mixed bags and one maxed out build. I enjoyed all of them 🙂

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