Pricing redux

Hrrm, ok, seems I fell for the Rock, Paper, Shotgun article saying UK prices had been lowered, after they contacted EA. There’s still a slim chance it’s true, but here’s what Magnus had to say about the subject:

This is a big one, naturally. As far as I know, these rumours origin from a blogger (forgot which) who called EA to ask about the UK prices, only to be told that they were lower than those announced in our Press Release last week.

As of now, the information we have at hand is those stated in named PR document. If there are any changes to the UK pricing, we will announce this. I’ve made enquiries about the truth behind these rumours, but I’m afraid I have nothing solid to go on so far.

I’m sorry, guys. Looks like while it might be true, I definitely jumped the gun. I always find Rock, Paper, Shotgun a pretty reliable source!

Edit: Rock, Paper, Shotgun have followed this up and written up where they got the info from and how they came about getting it here.


2 Responses

  1. We’re amazingly reliable! GOA… maybe not so much.

    We’ve chronicled the events here:

    As you’ll see, these figures were given to us from GOA, via Indigo Pearl. It’s a very odd business.

  2. Thanks John, I’ve added a link to that in the main post in case people don’t read comments!

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