GOA confirm open beta will be available with EA Store/D2D preorders

From Freddyshouse, IainC writes:

I just wanted to clear up a few points of confusion about the open beta program in Europe. When the US pre-order program was announced, it was mentioned that the EU program would not include Open Beta access. At that point we hadn’t officially unveiled our program, but as we were getting a lot of enquiries about this, we confirmed that this was the case. Since then, some of you have seen the EA Store in Europe and Direct2Drive advertising the pre-order with Open Beta access.

It’s important to note that our official announcement regarding the Standard Edition pre-order is coming on Thursday 28th which is when the program launches. At that time we will provide you with all the details of the pre-order package as well as a list of partners. Some of our partners have preempted that announcement which has led to a bit of confusion.

The situation then is basically as follows:
Pre-ordering a standard edition from most of our partners will not automatically give you Open Beta access as we have said previously. We will however be announcing a list of ‘preferred partners’ who will be selling the pre-order with Open Beta access. A full list of these partners will be included with the main announcement this week, I can confirm that both the EA Store and D2D are preferred partners and so those of you who have already placed an order need not worry that you won’t get what you were offered.

Hopefully this will put some minds at rest and, as I have said, all the remaining details will be unveiled this Thursday.

Now, the EA Store and D2D (see how nice I am, finding the links 😛 ) are both charging £10 more for their warhammer online standard editions than places like play.com or amazon. So I’d suggest waiting until Thursday for the official announcement and list of preferred partners to see if you can get an open beta spot more cheaply with your standard edition pre-order.

I’m not sure how I feel about paying for beta access. We’ll have to wait to see which other partners are in the list before we know if EA et al want to stiff the high street retailers (and all that nice free high street advertising) in favour of pocketing the change from getting the direct download bucks.


15 Responses

  1. Ian only hours ago on Warhammer Alliance denied that the EA offer was legitamate and them through in a “but we will be making announcements on the 28th” which has upset some people.

    It seems GOA are going out of their way to make things hard for themsleves.

  2. I’m guessing that GOA originally had other plans for the open beta keys but the decision has been made at higher levels or else they’ve been pressured to accept this.

    I’ve no reason to assume any of them were lying deliberately so I think it’s more likely that this has changed recently and they’re trying to make the best of it.

    But it’s hard not to feel hard-done-by when all the americans are talking about their offers on the various fansites. (I don’t mean me personally, I pre-ordered the CE anyway).

  3. Thanks for keeping us updated on this – I just live in hope that GOA can get it together for launch…

  4. I also have the CE so I have tried to ignore all this, my friend who wants to experiment in the Open Beta with me is totally confused as well.

    I do not not think GOA went out of their way to lie to anyone, I just think they keep this information close to their chest to surprise people and make people happy – unfortunately it all back fires with people advertising it early. GOA then make posts like ;

    There has – rightfully – been much confusion circulating regarding the offers and promises by the EA Store and direct2drive. I can only say two things on this as of now:

    We remain steadfast on our current line: Open Beta access is not planned to be a part of the European SE Pre-Order offer. In fact, we haven’t even launched the SE Pre-Order campaign yet. This is due August 28th.
    At the end of the day, EA is in charge of distributing WAR in Europe. This is not to say they are to blame – it takes two to tango. They, just as we, are involved in this and we need to find a solution to this mess. GOA seniors have engaged in dialogue with EA and we are all eagerly awaiting the result of this.
    This is a very important issue which has a high priority for us for many reasons. Trust me, we are working hard to get an answer to this asap.


    Which does not help, I feel they just need a manager amongst them to grab hold of all this information, give dates and clarity to people and behave…. well more like a year 2000+ information / media / service provider.

  5. Might be a case of the physical pre-orders getting some physical goodies (like the cards that are in some of the US SE preorders) and so the online ones get the open beta as a different benefit? All speculation till Thursday though.

  6. Well, I think I will wait a little longer before I pre-order anything. Messy.

  7. Fiale: To be fair, Magnus posted that on the 21st and Iain posted the latest update that I quoted today, so pretty much a week has passed since then and things may have changed.

    I’m not thrilled about getting news from fansites, but tbh in a couple of weeks when the game is out we’ll be able to judge GOA et al on how well the do the actual thing we’re paying them for and how well they get the important news out.

  8. Spinks – I agree with you, but all along someone somewhere knew about all this and either did not communicate it to everyone or told themnot to confirm it (making them look bad).

    Its just a shame that a company can loose a lot of good will that they may potentially want or need to cash in later.

    Anyway I am going to pull my kevlar CE quilt over my head and get all snug and warm and let it pass over me…. my friend can worry about his order 🙂

  9. I dont understand what that means, but I have paid my 10e for the _week_ long beta and if I cant put my code and download the thing in time, im not going to play the damn game at all..

    Its so frustrating that we are getting the short end of the stick again.. incompetence by Mythic to deal with GOA. :/

  10. Wotcha everyone,

    Unlike those who have the Collector’s Edition, I shall be playing the Standard Edition game. Whilst I’m influenced by the fact that I have already been in Closed Beta, and should therefore be in Open Beta, I don’t think I’d care all that much for Open Beta, nor a head-start option.

    It’s what? 11 days maximum. A week of Open Beta, after which everything you achieve will be wiped, followed by about 4 days of playing before the vast bulk of players.

    That’s hardly a lot. Yet there have been so many complaints about it, that sometimes I wonder if Open Beta is the product, rather than what is launched on September 18th…

    I shall be scoping for pre-order offers for things that will be a lot less transitory; in-game post-release things, be they cosmetic or just extra bag slots. *They* interest me, but still not to the extent that if I don’t get them I shall declare the game broken, and loudly cry that I shall never play it.


  11. I think paying an extra £10 probably isn’t worth it, but will wait till Thurs to put my advice on where to pre-order your Standard Edition from. As a matter of principle it’ll probably not be EA or D2D though ;p

  12. *giggle*

    I’m Spartacus! No I am! I am a preferred partner and so is my wife!

  13. Important Question:

    Will People who buy the Open Beta edition also get the Headstart 4 days before everyone else??

  14. Nice! Figured play would be one of the preferred partners…

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