UK ‘new’ prices confirmed

So, we’ve obviously been following the Rock, Paper, Shotgun story about reduced UK pricing (£8.99 per month, £25.17 for 3 months, £46.14 for 6 months) for Warhammer Online – they’ve been through a few articles about it, and I’ve tried to keep up with the latest iteration each time.

Today with the announcement that Warhammer Online has gone gold and the answers Iain C has been giving on Freddyshouse and Warhammer Alliance about open beta access for pre-orders from the EA store and D2D (see Spinks’ post of today’s date for details), Rock, Paper, Shotgun continue their mission to track down the subscription pricing.

Iain C stops by to make a couple of pertinent comments:

We will be issuing revised prices for the UK which are the same as the numbers Indigo Pearl gave you. Until today however those details weren’t finalised which is why we weren’t able to confirm them officially until now. As you can imagine we have to deal with a lot of different partners and we need to make sure that they are all made aware of changes before the info is released into the wild. Obviously in this case, the cat was out of the bag a little prematurely but these things happen and we’ll be updating our site soon to reflect this.

and to show he hasn’t lost his sense of humour over all the recent threads and GOA comments everywhere:

Magnus has already been killed and eaten for referring to RPS as a random blog. He may however come back to haunt you for getting his name wrong.


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