Regular Edition Pre-Order details for Europe

Hurrah! For the day long foretold has dawned. A day of mystery. A day of prophecy. A day on which to rejoice and gambol cheerily through the murky London streets, exclaiming, “GOA updated their website!” And lo, there is an announcement about the regular edition pre-order programme in Europe. And behold, for it does include a list of pre-order campaign partners (ie. shops).

I’m sure you know the URL but here’s the link.

Regular Edition is the same as Standard Edition, for anyone who is getting confused at all the acronyms. So if you pre-order your regular edition, you will get as a bonus:

  • a 3 day head start
  • a couple of bonus items in game (the portable camp and champion’s sapphire band, as per collector’s edition)

Now not all pre-order campaign partners are equal. Some are premium partners – and those are the ones you want to order from if you ALSO want an Open Beta key.

Currently the only premium partner listed is the EA Store (although they mention Direct2Drive also so it may be that section isn’t finished yet? I’ll keep this post updated if they add more.)


6 Responses

  1. Wotcha everyone,

    I was more than pleasantly surprised this morning. I had pre-ordered my Standard Edition from a couple of weeks ago, and decided to cancel that order so that I could order the bonus-items-pre-order-option.

    Only to find that my order had been changed to the pre-order bonus items thingy. No messing, no pfaffing.

    Spooky, it was. And more than appreciated. Nice one,


  2. I’m a bit puzzled since the page is live now but no mention of We may have to wait on more clarification.

  3. Wotcha everyone,

    Maybe they are a little upset with Play for jumping the gun on their big announcement by a couple of days. Play were a pre-order partner for the Collector’s Edition, so I assumed (sometimes I assume badly, but not in this case, I think) that they would be a pre-order partner for the Standard Edition.

    It may well be that they are “forgetting” to put Play on their marketing material, whilst still allowing them to take part in the pre-order goodness.


  4. were not shown on the CE pre-order list by GOA for the first week either, they showed HMV but never indicated that it was only HMV online, they then clarified and changed the information a few days later (whilst I was hovering over the button order button πŸ™‚ ).

    They seem to announce the list of partners then spend days tinkering with it.

  5. Lloks like hte OPen Beta download is also now available on the GOA warhammer website – good news πŸ™‚

  6. Hmm, again no “official” dutch partners…

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