The choice that dares not speak its name

We’re all writing a lot about class choice, mastery choice, Destruction vs Order choice, server type choice. These are all relevant and interesting discussions. But over at our guild forums, another choice has cropped up and one that means something quite personal to me, so I thought I’d raise it. The choice not to play Warhammer Online.

First, I don’t imagine any of us in the ‘community’ don’t recognise this is a valid choice. I think we just figure that the people we’re ‘talking’ to have probably already decided to play Warhammer Online.

But, in the wake of the closed beta and the preview weekend (if you happen to be in America), some people will make the choice not to play the game, for all sorts of reasons which I’m not going to comment on – except for the one closest to my heart.

My husband (who may write up some of his beta experiences up for us), will not be playing the game on release. It’s not that he didn’t enjoy it. In fact, it’s the opposite – he really enjoyed his Witch Hunter and Bright Wizard (and Squig Herder). The problem is, he has no limits when it comes to gaming and can happily still play for 24h without coming up for air.

So, in the spirit of keeping his vice in check, he’ll be sticking to non-MMOs in the future. It’s not been an easy choice for either of us, as you might imagine. We like to game together, he got on with my guildmates (who he’d not previously met, since he gave up LotRO for the same reason), but at some point, real life needs to be considered. And he knows he’ll be happier in the long run if he doesn’t pick up Warhammer Online.

A couple of other guildmates have decided not to pick up the game initially. I haven’t asked why because I respect their decision. As I said to them – Warhammer Online isn’t going anywhere, and neither are we.

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  1. […] an interesting post, which I read just as I was thinking of heading to bed. Her post regarding the possibility of someone not playing warhammer caught me a little by surprise. I am probably a little like her husband if truth be known. I love […]

  2. Just out of interest, do you have a link to your guild forums? I enjoy the blog and as a fellow European, I’m looking for a good guild to join when the game goes live…

  3. One thing I’ve really enjoyed the past month or so is my newfound independence from “needing” to play a MMO every night. Even when WAR comes, I don’t think I’m going to resume my old “must play with every spare minute of my day” ways. So it’s good if your hubby can’t do that, that he recognizes it and stays away.

  4. I know this feeling, my job and studies suffered for over a year from MMO’s where I played from the moment I walked in the door until 2 or 3 am before catching just 3 or 4 hours sleep before work.

    I ignored freinds and hardly went out – when I came up for air I realised I had become a virtual recluse.

    Since that inital year I have been able to take or leave play. If my evening is free then instead of TV I play MMOS, if I have been asked out, or its one of my gym days I go out without a second thought to the computer…. Its a complete turnaround and a much neded one, I just dread a Avalon type MMO ever coming out – I would probably starve to death in the real world.

  5. When I first started playing MMO’s it was hard to balance my life and play. I quit several times to stop being “lazy” in RL. I really liked MMO’s and it kind of made me mad I couldn’t balance my life. I needed that hobby time but not freaky amounts. Having 3 kids as a single dad is hard to balance with gaming but I need stress relief. So, I bought an 60min egg timer and click it to 60 twice only after the monsters are tucked in. I found my balance without regret.

  6. Long long ago, I played a mud in college.
    As a result most of second year is a blur, and I know for a fact I once sat in one spot for 8 hours straight without moving more than necessary for playing.

    It wasn’t a good thing at all.

    MMO’s are just as dangerous but I like to think I’ve grown up. I play as much as I do because it is my recreation instead of television. I dont let chores or things fall by the wayside.

    Your husband gets a major thumbs up for forseeing a problem and taking steps to avoid it, despite the fact it means he wont get to play a game he’d like.

    Tough decision and one well worth respect.

  7. Thanks all for the comments, to be honest I wasn’t sure how this post would be received, but when writing it I did start to think about the choice to play or not.

    Many of us have a schedule that dictates our play. For me it’s work, cats, TV shows I love and visiting my dad at least once a month 400-miles away. My husband doesn’t have that as he writes, so his schedule is always mutable – and that ‘s some of the problem.

    As we get older, I think we do realise the whole work-life balance thing can also apply to games-work-life balance and is always something there in the background with an MMO.

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