Bye bye freedom

So Warhammer Online has gone gold, and the open beta will be with us on 7th Sept – the client is up and ready for download!. That gives me.. a couple of weeks left of ‘freedom’, and I don’t know about you, but I actually have a plan this time on how to get things ready in my life.

The Practical

  • Gain some husband rep by doing dishes, cooking, generally hanging out and watching DVDs
  • Ensure laundry is done and up-to-date
  • Make and freeze some meals so husband doesn’t have to do all the cooking! (he’s unbearably good at feeding me when I’m caught up in gaming)
  • Get plenty of rest, seriously, plenty!
  • Catch up on all my recorded TV on the PVR – making sure I’m on top of things, and reminding myself that leisure time doesn’t have to be in front of a PC
  • Organisation – sort out bills, medical appts, etc
  • Give lots of quality cat-cuddling time, so they don’t feel too unloved and fall asleep on keyboard or mouse when they want attention
  • Work out my autumn TV schedule and set it all up on the PVR. Yes, I am a bit of a TV fan, but I like to think I only watch decent stuff ;p
  • Read more of the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R R Martin. Just finished book 1
  • Make sure vidcam works before Games Day trip, and that I have any idea how to get data off it

The Philosophical

Ponder the following:

  • What is better; Trez or Freebies?
  • Why is it called ChaosCast if they’re all playing Greenskins?
  • Which am I looking forward to more; Lost or Battlestar Galactica?


  • Look at Rune Priest masteries, have a vague idea how I might spec
  • Finalise list of character names I actually like – double-check that I like them
  • Decide on an alt (more naming hell)
  • Decide if I even want a Destruction alt on another server
  • Build up my post count on guild forums, which I’ve not been that active on because of blogging or gaming!
  • Make sure I’m up-to-date with all my LotRO stuff and do stuff with LotRO guild before my play-time there scales back radically (yay for lifetime subs)
  • Discuss some BoG plans with Hawley and Spinks – maaaybe look at design, and then ignore it ;p
  • Get nervous about Games Day, try not to worry about missing out on some headstart because of travelling to and from Games Day and seeing my family at the same time

I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking I need to get things in order before the game releases. So what are you all planning to do before life gets… really busy?

10 Responses

  1. Practically?
    Repair that transformer thats blowing out my lights.
    Consider then decide against painting.
    Get the washing machine fixed. Bloody machines.
    Determine if the neighbours are on holidays or dead.

    Roll Rune Priest main!
    Roll CoW random character.
    Leave all other alts until the madness of the first two weeks has passed.
    Obtain free teeshirts at all cost.

  2. Hehe, i loved your post, cause it reminds me so much of my own preparation time as well..

    1. Gain boyfriend rep by basically doing the same as you. Give him lots of fishing tips, so he’ll be having a good time fishing “out in the wild outdoors” so i can have a good time playing without feeling too guilty.
    2. make sure all cabinets and freezer are full of food, so i don’t have to rush to the supermarket when i actually want to be playing.
    3. be up to date with the washing as well
    4. make sure i see my parents and grandparents before release-date so i can safely vanish from the face of the earth for the next month.
    5. read book 11 of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series + read book 11? of Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series ( i already read all of Song of Ice and Fire and its seriously the best series you’ll EVER read)
    6. make sure i level my draenai warrior to 70 in wow before WAR hits, so i can finally feel proud for accomplishing this feat (having a 2nd 70, yay!)
    7. Hopefully set foot inside Black Temple (and higher) in wow before WAR hits, so at least i can say “i’ve been there” …

    ponder which class to start out with…still haven’t fully decided on a Zealot, Shaman, Black Orc, Sorceress or Chosen….OR possibly start some order chars as well …hmm ironbreaker, runepriest, white lion, whitch hunter, warrior priest or bright wizard…sigh…too much i want to play….

    ponder whether i’ll start my own guild (and have all the hassle again like in wow) or just sit back and relax, join a guild, let them have the headaches 😛

    oh oh oh…the preparations….

  3. I gotta tell you, you CANNOT store up cat-cuddling time. They just won’t take “I petted you last week” for an answer…. Heck, mine won’t take “I petted you for 15 minutes before you fell asleep in my chair when I got up and then I got ANOTHER chair so I wouldn’t disturb you” for an answer.

  4. I haven’t fully decided on a Destruction main, but I am leaning toward the Magus.

    And ChaosCast is alliterative, which I love.

    Anyway, the Song of Ice and Fire series? Pure awesome in a can. Cannot wait until the next book is released!

  5. @Esri you’re SO right. I’m alone with the cats this weekend and have discovered that cuddling is definitely linked to being fed!

    @Syp I love the name ChaosCast, so it was just a joke. And yeah, can’t believe I’ve never read the Song of Ice and Fire series before now. Damn the person who has the 2nd book out until 9th Sept. Am hoping they bring it back sooner – when working at a library I get very lazy about buying books!

  6. Wotcha everyone,

    Freebies. Definately Freebies.

    I prefer XL size t-shirts… 😉


  7. Grad school starts for me on Tuesday of next week @_@ and as I understand it no “real work” starts for the first two weeks. So my first goal is to work out a routine where I get work done during the day (8ish to 6ish) most days (with some included weekends) so that most of my evenings can be free for pwnin suckas.

    My guild site is all up and running (I found a way to make it all free AND fully functional, take that guild bologna) and really it’s just a forum since WAR will handle *everything* else. I bid a fond farewell to DKP.

    I’ll be rolling a fancy-pants archmage, a warrior priest, and I’m not quite sure what else. Prob a sorceress for my Destro-side alt. I think three is probably enough, but I’m sure there will be more. Swordmaster was quite fun.

  8. I had to laugh when I read your list – because I am already working on a similar list of “things to sort out and/or complete before WAR begins”

  9. Oh my Gods. I don´t have a list!
    Then I put that on top of my list, “Make list of things to sort out before WAR launches”
    I am so “lucky” that my GF is gone the next year so I can bypass that one -sigh-

  10. That’s a great list. I wish my wife had a similar list of things she should do before I get into playing… wait…


    Actually that gave me a couple ideas. The list I just put up over at my blog was more of what popped into my head while having a couple of beers. I think i need to be more serious.

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