Have HMV got it all wrong?

We spent a while in the early days of the blog pondering when Play.com would send out their CE pre-order codes, and kind of wishing we’d gone to an HMV store and picked up the pre-order box there.

It now seems that HMV are having issues with the way they handled the pre-order programme. Right from the start people had conflicting reports about whether HMV staff were asking for their details to reserve them a copy of the Collector’s Edition when it came into the store. Some were being asked, some weren’t.

Now, over at Freddyshouse, there’s a worrying thread which goes into quite a few details of people being told by various sources at HMV that they might not have enough CEs to cover the pre-orders they took. As they were haphazard about recording people’s details – this could be of major concern to people who went this route to the CE pre-order.

Our advice:

  • Check with the manager at the HMV store where you bought your pre-order box
  • Email HMV (consumer-power!)
  • Check over at Freddyshouse, since obviously quite a number of UK buyers there with similar problems, post your experiences so that everyone can benefit from any information gleaned
  • Hope that HMV can come up with a solution to this

2 Responses

  1. A point to remember is that HMV will have been allocated a fixed number of pre-order boxes and this fixed number will coincide with the number of actual CE boxes. Therefore they will have a matching CE for every pre-order box they sold regardless of whether or not they took your details.

    Unless they were taking pre-orders without giving you a box, there should be no way that they won’t have enough CEs to cover their pre-order allocation.

  2. […] just stopped by Book of Grudges and left the following comment: A point to remember is that HMV will have been allocated a fixed […]

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